Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Happy Birthday Aden

Happy Birthday Aden!!! I have watched you grow these last three years and it has been everything plus more and more! You are such a joy in our life and it feels like you've been here the whole time! :) We kicked off his birthday with balloons and happy birthdays when he woke up and Adie climbed in Aden's bed giving him all the birthday kisses. Headed to our favorite donut shop so we could get chocolate frosted donuts and the nicest guy bought our donuts and chocolate milk! Lucky us!!! :) We kept singing happy birthday and Aden kept blowing out his breakfast birthday candle! He was so excited that everyone was coming to his shark party and he was going to eat cake, all of it. He has been non-stop talking about his party since he decided he wanted a shark party and the way he would get excited telling people about it  ... was worth every party planning second! Every day with Aden is a new adventure that we look forward to most days but really he is the sweetest, funniest, snackiest little guy I know! We did whatever he wanted to because he's the birthday boy and who wouldn't want to celebrate all day anyway. 

A few things I love about Aden ...

He still loves his cars ... the fast ones! The way he says NSX is the best.
Chocolate is still his go to for anything (just like Mama)
It's the best listening to him yell at me to get him in the mornings, "get me out!"
He still takes Teddy everywhere and we always seem to find him when he's lost.
When he rides his scooter ... he knows exactly what he's doing.
He is non-stop from the minute when he wakes up and I wish I had that energy!
His sun-kissed skin with his light hair and not to mention his dark chocolate eyes
His "I wuv you's!" get me every time! 
He knows the words to his favorite book: Old McDonald had a Truck
He's a total boy who gives Adie shit most days and laughs
He knows exactly what to do to get exactly what he wants.
He is so full of life and gets so excited over helicopters 
He still loves to snuggle and it's the sweetest
He is obsessed with cookies and always tells me he'll get them out
His love for the beach will always be our thing :)
I love that he's ours ... every day!!!!

We love you Aden and everything you bring to our every day! You are exactly what we need, want and have to have!!! Celebrating you has been my favorite thing so far this summer!!! XO

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