Wednesday, September 6, 2017

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Hey guys! It's been awhile, we have been busy and I haven't felt like writing about anything! Just really have been soaking up time with my two little people! I feel like the days are over so quick now that Adie is in school and she only goes half a day! But since she started school I have been trying to get her to read for her twenty-minute a day homework and we're still working on that! :) Aden on the other hand loves books which I so love! My Twin bought Adie and Aden the best books; one, because they are hardcover books which is perfect with little people and two we haven't read them before and they are so fun! Which Adie has been nonstop reading today so hoping this helps with her homework. New books are my favorite ... I am currently reading Chasing Slow and I am obsessed! Been ready it here and there and every time I laugh, I can relate and sometimes I feel exactly the way she's feeling! Love it and so far I totally recommend it because all of us could probably slow down just a bit and realize what we do have is, well more! I have the Magnolia Story on my nightstand I borrowed from my Twin to read. Which I always say I don't have time but really I have like a ton of it! It's just how I have been choosing to use my time that makes it feel like I don't have it. But its there, you just have to want it. 

I wanted to share a few of our favorite books since national read a book day ... obviously! I never knew how cute the Little Blue Truck is ... like so cute. With honks, croaks and beeps its so perfect for my little car obsessed boy. The pictures are my favorite because honestly its all about the pictures. Dragons Love Tacos is another favorite of Aden's and it is so fun to read it to him and then he reads it ... we all end up laughing and I ordered Dragons Love Tacos 2 from Adie's Scholastic book club and cannot wait to read it to Aden. Aden is obsessed with anything that has wheels and can move ... which totally off subject but just in time for the upcoming festivities, I found the perfect Halloween costume for Aden and you can see it here. Like literally dying! He will always go for Where the Wild Things Are which he calls, "Whild Thins!" which is one of my favorite things to watch when Eric reads it to him!

Adie loves anything super girly and I cannot blame her because I was swooning over the Anthropologie House & Home/ Fall catalog that came in the mail today! The coffee table on the front cover needs to be in my house, preferably now! ;) its beautiful! Which reminds me of a picture I saw once, it said, "I have to be successful, because I love expensive shit" #seriously Since starting kindergarten, Adie has been learning site words and I have never been so blown away, she rocks at it. So when we read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? She like can seriously read it. I was so smiling big sitting on the couch with Aden while she read us the story before bed. Which I still have this book caddy sitting in my online shopping cart :) because they are stylish and I could make it work with our decor ... making our spaces kid friendly! The Baby Lit books are always a favorite and perfect for before bedtime when you are so bloody tired you cannot make it through the long version of Sleeping Beauty. A Midsummer's Night Dream is the hardest one to get through ... it's not English! :) + how do you get your little people to read?! Adie is so not interested after school, but could read every book we own right before bed. #gofigure I have tried a few things, I set the timer, give her popcorn and a cold beverage with her book. Make her super comfy and that never lasts for more than a day so I need all of your advice!!! She is supposed to read twenty-minutes a day and we are to log it. Kindergarten is so much work, ha!

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