Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Twist on Twinkies

Hi guys! With back to school just around the corner I'm excited to share I'm partnering with Hostess to share their latest #twistontwinkies! The chocolate cake Twinkies are my favorite because you can never go wrong with chocolate cake. Check out their fun Facebook page here to see their latest innovations! Your favorite snack just got a  whole lot better with a little edible glitter (from your local craft store), a paint brush and stencils! With Twinkies latest creations, the fudge covered Twinkies and the chocolate cake Twinkies, the possibilities are endless. This simple twist on Twinkies from Hostess is what afternoons are made of and with your little people headed back to school your love notes just got yummier! :) A quick way to send cheer to the neighbors, get a laugh out of your five-year-old and spoil the ones you love the most! Celebrating the little moments with Twinkies will be your new favorite snack!

The supplies are simple: at your local craft store ask for edible glitter and you'll be surprised by the aisle. There were so many edible things to choose from and Adie picked the best pink! With two little people at home I knew we had paint brushes laying around but they also sell them in the same aisle. We also have a set of stencils so it was easy to get creative. If you don't have any stencils you could easily print any picture out or your alphabet and use a xacto knife (be careful) and cut out the letters to create a stencil. Head to your local grocery store or in our case Target to grab your box of Twinkies for any occasion! Celebrate your little ones going back to school with a Twinkie note and a glass of milk! I am looking forward to picking up my little kindergartner and listening to her stories with a #twistontwinkies moment. :)