Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Trending for (little) Her

Back to kindergarten, back from Arizona and back from the dentist which I cried, twice! and once when I got home. Summer literally was like a week long and it's getting cooler here in So'Cali which I am thrilled about! The nights and mornings are the best and sometimes in the morning it smells just like we are at the beach ... a total favorite. Spending more time outside is what I dream of with two little people which means a little shift in their wardrobe! I love back-to-school because it's usually the first drop of our favorite store's Fall collection and I am always swooning over everything! I will always love pink for every season but for Fall a little darker pink is a total must. Closed toe shoes with high socks are what I cannot wait for, hoping Adie still wants to. Anything that twirls is a win for us and that mustard yellow is perfect for fall with boots, sneakers or your favorite dress shoes. Hoping Adie will want to wear beanies, scarves and stinking cute sweaters because next to little people in swimsuits with their little tan lines showing, little people all bundled up are freaking the cutest. :) check below to see a few of our favorites!

I love dresses and wish I could keep Adie in them all of the time. Peek Kids has always been a favorite and the pink embroidered dress is perfect for the upcoming season. I would pair them with these boots that I have been loving for years. Adie still tries to squeeze her feet into her old ballet flats :) so I know she would twirl for days in them. Probably the perfect pair to teach her how to tie her own shoes #milestone The black oh so cheek backpack is darling and so affordable I could just die. Who doesn't need two? Perfect for Fall walks to school, its not overly too big for your little kindergartner so I think we will have to skip to school with this bag. Anything from Alice and Ames is perfect and it sure gets delivered stinking fast here in Cali. We have a few of them over the years and we just got this one because Adie loves flowers and perfect for the playground, library and snack time at the local cupcake place. I am a true believer that every season buy your little people a good solid pair of shoes and they will last ... we bought our Adie hunter boots when she was two (I think) and she wore them everywhere and jumped in every puddle and they still look new. So I plan on getting her a pair, Aden + me too because why not?! I want to explore a little more this Fall and these boots are perfect to slide on and get out the door to our adventures. I am hoping this romper will be a favorite of hers because I can see it dressed so many ways! This sweater from Zara is so ideal, paired with her hunter boots or those ones I linked further up. I would want to adventure out just to snap pictures of my two favorites being little people at the beach or even the mountains. I need to find a fun place to picnic and have a scavenger hunt like we did here and my babies were so little and squishy! Can't wait for crunchy leaves, pumpkin spice bundt cake and homemade soups!

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