Thursday, August 10, 2017

Shopping with PushAuto

Ten years, marriage + two kids later ... shopping for our family car has never been more convenient with PushAuto and its so easy! My Mazda (zoom zoom) has taken us to the beach, specifically one trip to San Diego when we got engaged in 2009. I brought both of my babies home in this car and watched them grow up from the rear view mirror. Its been in two accidents + I have always said this is Adie's first car when she turns sixteen. #classic We packed up our family and moved to California and the Mazda has had license plates from three different states. But my little family is growing up and we are running out of room! I managed to get a 5x8 rug + my two babies in the back seat home from Santa Monica because I didn't want to pay shipping. I am cheap when it comes to shipping. With car seats, booster seats plus the entire house the kids bring with them we run out of room fast. Searching for my dream family car has never been easier than with PushAuto. Hanging outside with Aden I can enter all my car demands, get better prices and rates. You can shop multiple dealers and lenders all at the push of a button. Usually within 24 hours dealers are contacting you and you are closer to driving your dream car. Mine has always been the Range Rover (evoque) white with tinted windows obviously :) and take it a step further the Mercedes G-class for 150 thousand! Like every time we see one my two little people yell, "mom's car!" ha! Cannot wait to drive around in something new which Eric is trying to convince me that the new Honda Civic type R is it. Plus I refuse to get anything other than leather because my light colored cloth seats are well used ;) and I never know where the stains come from. #momlife maybe but PushAuto is my go to, on the go for finding that car.

Grab your technology and find your dream car here!

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