Monday, July 3, 2017

Saving Summer

If you're anything like me I am always cleaning ... like always! My favorite go to this summer is Viva and Clorox because it literally cuts my cleaning time in half so I can spend more time with my little people! We want to spend our summers doing cannonballs, eating watermelon, staying up late and not having to worry about the mess we left behind. Being able to get 99.9% germ killing strength; specially designed to clean and disinfect a variety of stains on a variety of surfaces allows me to take it anywhere. Inside, after we make our favorite summer snacks, which right now we cannot eat enough watermelon. Even outside, for those BBQ messes + chasing my two little people wiping down everything sticky. And with the Smart Tube Technology®, you can spray every last drop which is my favorite. Bad news for germs, good news for family relations.

Viva Big Rolls being 40% more Viva per roll which really helps with the sticky and leaving me with more time to score those cannonballs and clean up those oh my messes. Summer also means my two little people helping me run errands and Walmart makes it so easy to grab our cleaning supplies so we can get to the pool faster. The perfect cleaning squad, Viva and Clorox, is this Mama's dream team so we can get those sweet summer memories that last all year. Viva paper towels are my favorite because they are soft for those boogies and still gets those messes clean + ordering online is a dream and so easy and my favorite way to save with Ibotta makes it so you can splurge when the ice cream truck drives by :) #unleashthecleansquad

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