Thursday, June 8, 2017

Pop Of Pink

Happy almost Friday ... which the days blend together for me and I finally bought a new planner so I can remember the important stuff! Which Adie has changed her mind (again) on what she wants her party to be and I am stressing (like always) to get her invitations out in the mail. So they will be sent out this weekend and we will be celebrating her big day in a few weeks ... she's so easy to celebrate. But if you've followed along for awhile or even a short while you've noticed our need for hair accessories. Bows to be exact! One of the first things Adie does in the morning besides sneak into our room and grab my iPad to binge watch Strawberry Shortcake is always, always pick out a bow! I love her sense of style and I literally need to take modeling lessons from her. Bribe her with cupcakes and the rest is pure magic!

We're excited to be working with Kid to Kid Boutique because they are fabulous. When we got our package I was so excited, opened them with Adie and she immediately picked out her favorites and I fell in love. The quality is perfection, the bows are a soft linen and the best part is the clip is removable! This is huge for me ... you can wear the bow on either side and wash them if they get dirty and believe me I have a handful that totally could use a wash. So fun. I love that they are a group of Mamas making all our little ladies a little cuter with their talent. I am forever hooked and cannot wait to show you the others. But for now here's a sneak peak of what's to come and I pinkie promise you'll love them too. :) In ten days they launch there first collection ... it's amazing and we definitely need every color. 

Happy Shopping -XO

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