Friday, June 16, 2017

Last Minute for Father's Day + Five things About Eric as a Dad

Father's Day weekend ... already! I cannot believe we are in the middle of June already and in two weeks I will have a five year old! This weekend our plans involve the pool, a little BBQ, hopefully a nap or two and spending every minute with our guy. I don't give our main squeeze enough credit ... he works (like forever hours) so I don't have to! #lucky ... it's California too! He only wants us to be happy and how freaking awesome is that! He lives for summer nights right before the sun goes down with homemade strawberry lemonade ... He's good at supporting my Dr. Pepper habit, like too good! :) He is one of the most positive people I have ever met and so much more laid back than I will ever be. I have always said since I've met him that he makes me a better me. 

A few of my favorite Eric as a Daddy moments:

I love watching him love on our babies! He always tells Adie the story of when she was born that he held her first, rubbed her little cheek and she stopped crying. + I held Aden first and he's always going to be my little man! :)

He is always getting our two little people to try new things. Between his famous grilled pineapple or jumping off the edge of the pool, we're all trying something new. Windows down, sunroof open and a few past the speed limit always makes them giggle!

He makes our two little babes think ... if its because they need to learn something or how we treat others, it's always a teaching moment! Literally my best parenting advice :) ha! He does the same for me and he's always (usually) right! It's the worst ha ha! + giving our kids two choices for whatever we need to tackle and overcome is totally winning in our home.

Watching Eric and Adie bond playing video games is the sweetest thing ever. I secretly hope this never ends ... especially when she is a teenager because she tells him everything! 

Aden just loves the crap out of Eric. He is always so excited to see him when he gets home from work! Which as a parent is the best thing ever :) + their love for fast cars will always be something they share.

Happy (early) Father's Day babes! I freaking love your guts! XO

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