Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Black and White with Tobi

Happy hump day people! Hotter than crap these days and we're almost ready for a little sweet birthday party this weekend! Birthdays are my favorite ever ... especially my two little babes. Watermelon all weekend long and hopefully a pair of high heels for the birthday girl ;) its literally all she wants! She wants to go shoe shopping daily, buy new nail polish because all I have is every shade of pink and she's been sneaking her party candy for her and Aden. We're so excited!

Here's to getting over wearing hot pants in a hundred degree weather, having my Hubby take these pictures and not listening to myself because these leggings are totally worth it! Perfect for date night, a fun night out with the girls or even dancing to your favorite Michael Jackson song with your four  almost five year old! You really don’t need any excuse to treat yourself to something new. It’s your right as an it-girl to buy lotsa cute things! So don’t hold back! -TOBI the perfect it-girl store in LA and the best part is that they are constantly getting new arrivals so you can stay on top of the trends. These draw the lines black leggings are the perfect pair to stay comfy but chic paired with sneakers to chase your little people around. Loving the trends right now ... bell sleeves, platforms and even the bomber jackets ... dying! Head over to because you are an it-girl and summer is officially here! HOT! -XO

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