Monday, June 19, 2017

Birthday Wishlist for (little) Her

Adie is my little sugar and I can never get enough! She is filled with imagination that makes you giggle, her ability to write a song in a second is complete rockstar material and she really loves with her whole little almost five-year-old self! Getting ready for her birthday party this year has me driving down memory lane and my Mama heart can't take it. She has literally grown up so fast and she's so college girl. She has become my favorite girl to take shopping and eat chocolate cake! She saves the whipped cream for me! :) She is so shoe obsessed right now and even more so she insists on heels. Watching her shop Nordstrom is at the top of the list for the best time. 

She is so into books and its so fun reading new stories before bedtime. She still occasionally requests I read them in a funny voice and it takes us a good half hour to get through a story. But we are always on the hunt for new stories and can't wait tog row her library. Plus the pink book caddy is a must for her room to stack all of her favorites. Swimming is one of her favorite things to do and every year its a must for a new suit and her little 4th of July suit we grabbed down in Pasadena is the cutest ever. So looking forward to spending the holiday with family! But that black and white ruffle off the shoulder suit has me dreaming of beach vacation where all we do is sunshine and ice cream! I am drooling over those roller skates for her big day! She has been asking for some since we went last Christmas and I just know she will practice and practice until she is skating down the street and we're all chasing her! Nothing is cuter than that watermelon throw pillow! A summer must and a fun reminder of her birthday celebration since this year her final decision is a watermelon party!

Looking froward to her big wish this weekend as we celebrate everything about her!

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