Thursday, June 1, 2017

Aden's 2nd Birthday Party

Celebrating our little guy has been the best thing so far this summer! He is pretty laid back (unless he's hungry) and his little party was perfect. We went with a car theme because ... it was the obvious choice :) he literally is non-stop talking about cars, playing cars and shoving as many as he can in my purse before we (finally) make it out of the door. Celebrating Adie and Aden are one of my most favorite things ever. 

We filled some of the coolest cars with all of Aden's favorites. Chocolate, nuts, goldfish and with the biggest bucket of root beer to wash it all down. His new thing is root beer floats and he always comes up to me saying, "Mama float, float! Float Mama!" I pretty much cave in every. single. time. He's more root beer than ice cream :) Cookies were at the top of the list when planning his party. I knew that since I was making his cake this year I needed something to actually turn out! The most talented mama rockstar from our church made Aden the cutest cookies ever. I sent her a picture, a cookie cutter and she dropped off two-dozen of the cutest cookies EVER! I almost cried they were so perfect! It's the little things guys, that truly make me excited. The cake was almost a horror story but the frosting covered it up! :) #itried My sister gave me a new recipe and it was the easiest, like six ingredients easy. But frosting hides everything and I ditched the bottom half after everyone left. 

I got the cutest happy birthday bags from Target (go figure) and made sure each one of our party guests left with a full bag of candy and pull back cars! Aden loves those cheap $3 party favor cars in the party aisle and now he lines them all up but he also color codes them and it kills me! He's so OCD just like his Mama! I had his garland from last year, sewed a few more which Eric thinks I am crazy every time I try to sew, and hung them with a Happy Birthday banner. Made guacamole, click here for the recipe, you will not regret it. It's so dang good. I wanted a couple games for the kids to play and it was the cutest thing to watch. They played pin the car on the road! My Dad printed out the fun city scenes and I printed out little cars, cut them out and you have the funnest game! The pinata was my favorite!

After he played in the cake we sang Happy Birthday which was the sweetest thing. He even wanted us to sing again so he could blow out his candles ... again :) Opened presents, which he appreciated every single one. He was so excited ... cars, trucks, tractors and play-doh and his scooter, he's still trying to figure that out. But I just know once he gets it, he will be the neighborhood cool kid.

Celebrating you Aden was everything I thought it would be. You are so full of silliness, yogurt, and pure sweetness. I can't get over your polite manners and the way you changed my life two years ago! I will forever share my chocolate, let you tag me and make sure you're comfy! I love you Aden Michael more than I could ever tell you! Happy Birthday my wild boy! MUAH

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