Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Snacking with Gerber

It's finally Wednesday babes and am I the only Mama who is constantly feeding their little people?! I cannot keep up! Yogurt, strawberries, blackberries and orange juice are always on our grocery list. I stopped buying the fruit snacks, goldfish, apple juice and finally broke down and bought a family size bag of peanut m&m's for game night. We have been making better eating habits as a family because we're on a name basis at Jack in the Box! Making sure my two little babes are getting the nutrition they need can be exhausting, hashtag am I right? They are always hungry and we are always busy! That's why I love the new Gerber Veggie Crisps which comes in two flavors for your little picky eaters. My favorite part is the convenient on-the-go packs for our busy summer coming up!

Adie and I got a couple more plants/cactus since ours already died and planted them when Aden woke up from his nap. He is always hungry when he wakes up ... it never stops! In between watering the plants (and the bag of soil) and spraying Adie he would grab a few veggie crips and share them with Teddy. We are so excited for this weekend ... Aden's second birthday party and he turns two on Memorial Day. We're thrilled to see family and with our busy schedule I'll be sure to grab a bag or two with us especially to the beach. 3g whole grain, 35mg of sodium (this is amazing) and made with real organic veggies everyone wins! Finally a snack that my little people love and they are getting real veggies crisp after crisp! Getting them is easy as ever, head to your closest Wal-Mart pick up your favorite flavor, and use this to save some money! Which if you are not signed up ... do it, it's so stinking easy and who doesn't love money back!? :) I love that with a busy life style snacking can be nutritious and easy. And when your little people are hungry right after they just ate lunch (like mine always are) this is the best snack.

 Gerber Organic Veggie Crisps offers us Mamas a solution to making snack time easier and more nutritious. Got to love that. We're hooked and bet you will be too! -Happy Hump Day XO!

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