Thursday, May 18, 2017

Kid Friendly Living Space

Happy almost Friday (an hour and a half to be exact) babes! Excited to show you a little kid friendly living space inspiration! Every room in our home I have the perfect style all wrapped up in my head of how I want it to look! Right now the room connected to our kitchen with a fireplace that so desperately needs remodeled is empty! I lied, it has three baskets of laundry and our rocking chair and eight of Aden's cars. I want a place where our guest can sleep, I can get some work done and my little people can still play or I can see them outside through our sliding glass doors. I found some textured brick wallpaper that I think would rock for an updated fireplace. Home Depot and a weekend would do wonders! :)  One thing I love about this room is the sofa! Perfect for snuggles, a nap (maybe) and it folds down into a bed ... perfect! We have had family come and stay and our air mattress continues to loose air, I have no idea, its the worst! I love anything beachy, especially the colors and this room is just that. The rug!!! I am literally drooling over, texture, color and the name in itself was made just for me! I want it in the biggest size so it covers most of the floor layered with a soft faux fur rug. Most likely under the desk so it doesn't get completely dirty. 

The desk I have had my eye on it for months ... and its perfect for our laptop and a few accessories. Right now I just move our laptop from room to room and its occasionally on the floor so this is ideal for the space. A long wall needs pictures and I am thinking a gallery wall  ... palm trees and all of our pictures at the beach would be so fun! Black and white ... and pops of color! I need another beach day and so does my tan! ha! Also loving the simplified planners and need something desperately to keep myself and my three favorites a little more organized. I can only remember so much and right now my gym classes are plugged into my phone and I love it! A big wooden coffee table seems like it will hold up with my little people. I can imagine Aden playing traffic with his cars and Adie drawing her favorite pictures on it. I love accessorizing and finding the right piece for the right place is accomplishment! Loving the gold flamingo for the desk because this chair needs to be in this space too! Right?! I bought an indoor plant from Home Depot a few months ago and its still alive so I think we could move up to this cactus because Eric loves cactus! And low maintenance! #winning 

I one hundred percent think every room needs a wooden stump :) others would disagree but they work for anything! And brings a little outdoors into your space and its neutral which pretty much goes with everything! Loving all the vases from West Elm and Crate and Barrel so all you need to do is pick one or in my case I want three! The textured ones are my favorite and add a little greenery and your room is pretty much ready for guests and laughter. Also adding a fun fan, gold fish heads to the wall and throw pillows for pillow fights! The mantel is always a project and think a few more vases with layering pictures, large pictures printed! 

I bought a new camera lens that I have been dying to get but still don't know my camera 100% but wanted to do some fashion posts! Which I am not sure if I trust my husband to take them but we'll see, I do have a tripod ha ha! Let me know what you think in the comments ... I just am loving the fashion trends right now ... like obsessed! Hope you guys have fun weekend plans! -XO!

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