Monday, May 29, 2017

Happy Birthday Aden

Happiest Birthday Wishes to our little Aden boy! Today has been full of  Mommy emotions! Loving his excitement for everything but mostly cars and a little heartache because he is already two! Like when did this even happen?! Today we went out for breakfast at our favorite spot because who really likes to do dishes on anyone's birthday!? French toast and orange juice every time but first ... a cookie! After breakfast Eric asked what we wanted to do, Adie's quick response was to go to Claire's, so that's where we went. Which Adie was so excited to show Aden car earrings he thought were "cool". Tried to keep walking past the toy store but the giant tractor in the window caught Aden's eye so we went inside and he came out with a little bus. Which I think is beyond the cutest thing ever. Grabbed some dark chocolate from See's Candies and almost made it to Target :) ... Aden skipped his nap, played with play-doh, threw cars around like confetti and we ended the night singing him Happy Birthday and blowing out candles again and again! He's my favorite thing ever!

Some things I love about Aden ...

He's my alarm clock!
The way he says, "be right back!"
His obsession with cars ... really anything with tires.
When he wants to get comfy in our bed.
I love when you open your arms he runs to you for the biggest hugs!
His counting when you play hide-n-seek with his eyes open. one. two. six. seven. eight. here I come!
When he runs up behind you and tags you saying, "tag you're it"!
How much he loves Teddy he also calls his buddy.
That he always knows when I have chocolate and repeats, "Mama, chocolate! Chocolate, Mama" until I give him some.
His thank you's are non-stop and perfect every time!
His cheeks, literally want to bite them all. of. the. time!
His giggle tickles my Mama heart.
The way he lays on his belly to play cars and always asks for a blanket to be comfy.
When he chases Adie around the house saying, "I get you"!
When he runs he kind of wobbles at the same time.
His love for anything ... especially the ice cream truck!
How he always wants to go to the beach!
I love when you tickle him he says "again".
He calls Adie's name 54606 times a day!
The way he loves!!!
His blonde hair and dark eyes with his tan skin!
Best of all ... I love that he is mine! + Eric's and Adie's too :)

I literally could go on and on about my little wild boy but you Mamas + Daddys know how it is! You just love the crap out of them! Celebrating you Aden has been my favorite thing so far this summer and your happiness is contagious and I feel so stinking lucky to be your Mommy! Happy birthday Aden, I love you something fierce! -XO!!

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