Friday, May 19, 2017

Birthday Wishlist for (little) Him

Ten days to be exact until my wild baby turns two! This time almost two years ago I was 40 pounds heavier and so ready to have a baby! A sweet boy that everyone told me would steal my heart! I cannot ever say enough how much I love him ... I will never be able to explain it. I'm sure you Mama's know exactly what I am talking about. :) Finishing up a few things for his party next weekend! Doing a trial run on his birthday cake this weekend because I have never made a birthday cake so it'll be so fun! Chocolate cake with chocolate chips ... YUM! A little white frosting and we are ready for a party! I am so excited, he has been singing happy birthday which is the cutest thing ever. Eric and I decided that this year we are getting our kids one gift because they need more of us and less toys. Such a hard balance as parents ... because who doesn't love getting spoiled?! But I've rounded up a few fun gifts that would be perfect for our little guy. 

He lives, eats and breathes cars every. single. day! He says it the first thing when he wakes up and carries them everywhere. He has a few favorites and some of them are the $3.00 party package of plastic pull back cars from Target. WIN! But that black and white windy road is the best thing ever. He would literally be in heaven laying on his little tummy creating traffic. Cutest thing ever. I love the idea of the table and chairs (also a bench) for him to sit and plays ... cars! He sits at our kitchen table for hours and just creates lines, traffic and parking with his cars. Then he ends up on the table and we all have a mini stroke! Plus the color is just right. And lets talk about those plates! He probably would never eat his breakfast with those but they are so fun and H&M has them for a steal! 

Currently Aden has 5466559 cars and the toy chest is perfect for all of the big stuff that he still loves but I am always finding somewhere to stash it! Actually both of my little people need one in their rooms to keep their closets clean!! Plus what an easy way for them to help clean up so I am not feeling like Cinderella all day! So I am dying over this scooter for Aden and think I have convinced Eric that Aden will love it! Its a balance bike and completely his style (or mine ha!) and Amazon prime will get it here just in time for his party and a giant bow will make his whole day! I cannot wait ... having a rockstar from our ward make car cookies ... car cookies!!! He'll die and rootbeer with a few of his favorite treats or as he says "sacks mama, sacks!" Which I am thinking chocolate, goldfish, nuts and more chocolate.

This little plush dinosaur is just as cute! These blocks are perfect for adventure and cars! Cannot wait to celebrate my little handsome boy next weekend! -XO!

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