Friday, April 21, 2017

Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Gardens

This morning (TGIF) I woke with that let's be a fun mom today attitude, actually got dressed and brushed my fingers through my hair and told my little babes lets go on an adventure. It can start being our Friday thing ... being adventurous! :) We made it out the door before nine o'clock, a drive thru breakfast #minipancakes and googled our way to the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Gardens. The lady who gave us our map was stinking so friendly and I just love people like that. The minute we started on the pebbled trail you could smell the flowers. Aden was either a stage five clinger or running full speed yelling, "hurry! hurry Mama!" Eighty three acres of California everything! Flowers, cactus, trees you name it! We stopped off at a bench because Aden wanted an orange, but didn't eat any of it and all Adie wanted to see was the gift shop she kept calling the mall. At this point I probably called their names a few hundred times, I was getting sweaty and Adie still wanted to go to the mall. I convinced them to take a self timer selfie which came out blurry but you totally get the picture! One of my favorite things we saw was a caterpillar. It was the hairiest thing and Aden wanted to keep touching it. We saw one quick snake which brought almost a full on meltdown from Adie but we both braved walking past it. Squirrels and lizards rustled through the bushes and trees; at least that's what I told the little people every time they asked, "what's that?" The little baby turtle was the cutest and Aden's tank top is killing me! His little skinny tan arms! :) This place is so beautiful and I couldn't get over the scenery! 

Looking forward to the weekend, trying to convince Eric to go to LA tomorrow :) 

Happy weekending! #finally

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