Monday, April 24, 2017

Little Style

Happy Monday :) currently eating this guacamole dip and catching up on Scandal from weeks ago and Adie is serving me cookies with butter, tuna fish and italian salad dressing. She told me it was a pleasure having me and her name is #3 ... dying! It definitely feels like Monday with cloudy skies and cooler temperatures. We put Aden down for his nap but instead he grabbed the wipes and pulled every single one out and threw them all over his room so now him and Adie are running through the house! 

I cannot get over the bomber jacket style right now and want to wear them literally every day! Target is so perfect right now for my little people's style ... jackets, skirts and simple tees are my favorite! The Cat and Jack collection will always take my money, always! The bomber jacket style right now is so my style and I am making it my kids too! Ha! Literally in love with all of it, which I still need to make my way back to Zara in LA for the best cactus one for Adie :) Aden looks the cutest in his little bomber jacket and I love the color, pretty much goes with everything! Its perfect for spring and those sometimes chilly summer nights. When I first saw these pants from Lot801 I was obsessed and didn't think twice before buying them! Perfect little So'Cali pants and I bought them in a size two. Even his shoes are Cat and Jack which for twenty dollars for kids shoes it was an easy buy. He is growing and I swear I buy shoes nonstop or try and shove his feet into ones that I swear still fit. 

Adie's outfit is from Target (love that) and same thing, the minute I saw it I knew we had to have it! It's so girly and perfect for my little girl who loves flowers and skirts. She's so into picking her own outfits out down to which bow she will wear with it. Her style is anything goes with anything if it has the same color. I love her little jacket, its that quilted texture and the flowers are perfect. With growing baby babes you cannot beat the price tag of Target and we love any excuse to make a Target trip! Love their little styles so much! Everyone tells me my little people look just like Eric and I love it, I just tell them they get their style from me! :) Looking forward to Friday for another adventure! I am thinking either LA or driving down to the Joshua Trees and pack a little picnic, so fun! -XO!

Adie: jacket | tee | skirt | shoes similar here | bow and then Aden: jacket | tee | pants | sneakers

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