Thursday, March 9, 2017

St. Martin or St. Maarten

St. Martin is stunning and full of color! We took an air conditioned taxi ride to the beach and instantly fell in love sitting under an umbrella with my three favorites. The water is the bluest clear and the sand is so white and we couldn't get over how big the waves were that day. We were beached next to the airport so Aden was obsessed with every plane in the sky. He loved being in the sand and even chucked a handful at our neighboring beach bums. I went looking for coconuts and what was beyond the rocks which was breathtaking. I love the ocean and the view was ahh-mazing! Got freaked out from a crab running away, captured the breathtaking views and never wanted to leave. Adie and Eric played in the water while I hung back with not going near the water, Aden. Which I could do every single day of my life. We drank sprites, ate french fries and watched the waves crash over and over. Spending our time on the beaches one of my most favorite things ever, was carrying my little boy as we walked the ocean line. The water would crash on my feet and we both would giggle :) and then he was asleep ... seriously I could do this for the rest of my life! I just love him! Adie is a natural born beach bum, she has always loved the water and playing in the sand. Watching her with Eric makes my Mama heart want to burst. 

Aden fell asleep under the umbrella and watching Adie clinging herself to Eric as they inch out past the waves ... and listening to her laugh is the best. Adie still doesn't like to talk about it ... the waves were big, her floaties came off and she wasn't clinging onto Eric anymore. I have never ran so fast in my life watching another wave crash between the both of them. Like literally Baywatch style ... Eric grabbed her and the first thing she tells me is, "Mama, that was horrible!" Yes, baby girl, it was horrible! Sand everywhere, Aden still sleeping on the lounge chair and she grew up a little that afternoon in St. Martin. My heart is still a little bruised from that afternoon ... and always squeezing my little girl a little tighter every day! We spent the rest of our time in the sand, lounging under the $15 umbrella rental sipping our sprites. We taxied back to the boat and left a little piece of us on the island. My baby babes still have their little tan lines (lucky) and looking back at our pictures we really were spoiled and had the best vacation. I am so thrilled that we took our two little people even when at times it felt more like our every day than a vacation. They are so worth it ... every single minute of it! Our tan lines will fade but our memories will last a lifetime!

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