Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Spring Shopping

Happy Tuesday babes! XO Yesterday was Eric's birthday and my car got towed! So I am doing a little wishful retail therapy! I always add everything to my cart and then I get hate mail (emails) reminding me to buy my items! But I did buy this bomber jacket before our cruise and I am obsessed! Best thirty five dollars spent at forever 21. Which I never shop there I just happened to be looking for bodysuits for our Caribbean trip and saw it on the way to checkout, tried it on, fell in love and it was mine! :) So when I read Cara Loren's post today and saw the one below, it was immediately in my shopping cart and I cannot wait to get it. I love the palm tree and wink smiley face!!! The weather right now in So'Cali is sunny one day and cloudy with misty rain for the next two days! I am so ready for Spring! I am ready for Spring cleaning, making our backyard a place I want to be and keeping my tan! Ha! This year we will be having both Adie and Aden's birthday parties in California and I have so much to do ... with all of the rain we have been pulling weeds like crazy. Adie loves the dandelions and Aden almost eats them! 

Now for the best part ... a few favorites for Spring! I am so glad bomber jackets are back!! They are my new favorite for any outfit! I wore my mermaid one with a white dress and my favorite shoes. They can be dressed up or down which is a win win for my closet and my hubby's bank account! ;) I am on the hunt for a new every day purse/bag and I love this faux leather one under $100 because I have two kids! But I am loving the color which would go with anything Spring or even my always go to, black! If you follow Barefoot Blonde then you know how cute this tee is! I think its the cutest and would wear it with some skinny jeans or some fun cutoff shorts for a day at the beach with my three favorites! I cannot even explain to you guys how much I love my pom-pom sneakers! My Mama Hatton gave them to me for Christmas and I just love them! I get compliments every time I wear them. Saw them on a ShopStyle email that they are in style (win) and then when I saw the white leather ones ... yes I have to have them too! They are the best! So fun and I wear mine with dresses and pants which makes the entire outfit just fun! I always want sunglasses but never truly need them, I just want a good selection depending on the day! Those early morning runs to Jack in the Box need a different pair I tell you! But we are excited for Spring! The tree in our front yard has looked so ugly since the day we moved in! If we weren't renting I would have put a palm tree there already but when we got back from our trip it was covered in beautiful pink flowers! We were all so shocked, it must have been Eric's gallons of water he poured on it every day and all of the rain we've been getting! Yay! I love everything about Spring! Cheers to pretty stuff! 

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