Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Nassau in the Bahamas

Finally getting into the back to life routine and I miss the warm sunshine in the Caribbean and have already googled houses in the Bahamas because, why not?! :) I definitely could live the island life with my three favorites. Spending time with family on a big boat, exploring new places always goes by way too fast. Our first stop was Nassau in the Bahamas and we decided to beach it everywhere we went because that's just who we are. Beach bums! After breakfast and we got off the boat and walked ten minutes to the beach which felt like half an hour, with hair braiding, shops and me telling Eric to just get a taxi :) Adie was done being in the sunshine and was hot, Aden was thrilled having Daddy carry him everywhere. Getting to the beach the water was so blue, the sand was so white and we were in love. The water was cool, the coral was bleached white and our tan lines will fade but the memories will last forever. Adie has always loved swimming in the ocean and the Caribbean was no different. Aden, he takes some getting used to, just like his Mama. We saw fish, a sea urchin, and all the coral you could carry kept washing up on shore. Adie found a piece just for me so we made sure it came home with us and Aden! He fell in love with the beach all over again! He's finally put of that eat the sand stage and I could watch him play all day! He kept running around in the sand laughing and saying "running, running Mama!" Literally fills my Mama heart with so much joy! He's still a little water snob, it has to be just right before he gets in and he was ok just beaching it and so was I. 

We spent the morning at the beach before having to back on the boat. Which I still haven't decided how much I like cruises. I don't want to be on a time schedule when it comes to the beach, I want to be there from sun-up until sun-down with my hubby and little people. I love the Bahama vibe, the bright colors and I couldn't get over all of the palm trees! I have loved palm trees as long as I could remember and it still runs deep! Ha! Adie loved finding all of the coral and putting them in a line while Aden ran around messing it up! She is so full of fun and sassy as ever ... but I couldn't get enough of her little wedgie bum splashing around in the bluest water! After our day at the beach we spent most of the sunshine at the kid pool on the boat and had the best time. Ice cream was on repeat, the occasional belly flop and a carousel ride made for the best day. Both little people fell asleep at dinner and our next stop is St.Thomas which I am pretty sure was my favorite stop! XO!

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