Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Chick-fil-A :: Chicken Salad @ Home

Happy day guys! We have been loving the weather here in So'Cali this week and we are getting anxious for our Caribbean trip coming up in 10 days! But back to food ... Chick-fil-A is almost a weekly thing for us because I only like to cook, like never! Adie knows exactly what to order, which sounds something like this: a kids 4 piece chicken nugget meal with ranch, a frosted whem-o-nade, ranch, french fries with ranch and ranch! :) Do not forget the ranch! Aden always grabs her leftover frozen lemonade and drinks it until the very bottom slurps. I usually get the classic nuggets myself and seriously do not forget the ranch either, but have had the spicy chicken sandwich and the southwest chicken salad! Eric brought grilled chicken nuggets home one day instead of the classic kind and I am literally obsessed. Like every day need them hooked. Everything about them is so much better than the classic nuggets. 

With being a busy (most days) Mama, I never ever eat lunch and if I do its the over priced Jack in the Box Dr. Pepper I picked up after dropping Adie off at school. Eating healthy can be expensive (California expensive) and very time consuming which I have never considered myself a healthy eater. But I do love a good salad and when the drive thru cost for lunch is getting overwhelming this chicken salad is perfect. So this week I grabbed Chick-fil-A's grilled nugget 30 count, yes they have a thirty count and we had to pull over and park to wait for them but so worth it. I figured I can make a yummy healthy salad for lunch at home without all of the prep work and mess. Because I would rather pull Aden around in the wagon and watch Adie dance around in her swimsuit. So with baby spinach and spring greens, peppers, onions and avocado ... chopped grilled chicken, lunch is ready in less than 5 minutes! Five minutes is so ideal because living in the kitchen sucks. I chopped 5 grilled nuggets and sprinkled them over my salad and it was as good as I thought it would be. :) Delicious good. You could really get away with like two and a 1/2 nuggets depending on the size of your salad and how much chicken you want. Eric would prefer his chicken cut into bigger pieces but my salad chopped was my favorite way to go. So for less than five dollars for lunch you are eating healthy without all the work. #winning Warm up the nuggets or keep them cold, either way is really yum. 

Tell us if you are team classic or grilled?! :) ha! Cheers -XO!

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