Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Adie Today

We have been getting rain every day here in So'California so for the two minutes it stopped me and Adie ran outside for some girl time while the boys slept! It was so fun to get out with just my sweet babes. She is so grown up and so full of sweetness I just cannot get enough of her! She is growing up so fast it hurts. I love that every day brings new stories, new meltdowns and new reasons she has to have another piece of chocolate. She loves the crap out of her brother until he runs into her with his dump truck. But she is the first person he calls for when he wakes up in the morning and my Mama heart literally is so full of little Adie and Aden hearts. Its the cutest thing to start our mornings, she'll tell him, "just a minute Aden, let me brush my hair!" She wakes up early and comes in our room and grabs my phone, snuggles in my bed and watches Goldie and Bear! 

I have seen her grow so much in Pre-K and her excitement is contagious. She was so excited to tell me that she knows the Pledge of Allegiance. If she wears anything new, pink or sparkly she tells me her friends are just going to die when they see it. She gives more than a hundred and ten percent when she practises writing her abc's and numbers. Some are backwards, some are ginormaous and she is always so proud when they are perfect! She loves writing all of our names and all of the words she knows how to spell, which are: book, orange, pizza! Her backpack is still my favorite thing ever about her starting school ... it just fits her little personality. Aden now keeps saying, "Adie! Adie!" when we drop her off, so I know he misses her. Its the funnest to pick her up because she is so excited to see you and she tells you, "I don't know!" when you ask her what she did in school today. hashtag every time

She has made so many new friends this last year and it makes my whole world. Nothing is better than her asking to play with her friends. She has a sweet little friend Addie and they are the cutest!!! I hope they are BFF's for life :) Seeing her with other four-year-olds reassures me I am doing it all right! ha ...  She really is surrounded by the best people and I feel so fortunate as a Mommy. But I always remind her Aden will always be her best friend for life. Makes me want like two more babies so they all can be little best friends. She lives for play-dates and secretly so do I because we literally laugh (mostly) the entire time and its so good for the soul. - Her style is one of my favorite things, EVER! She literally can rock anything and I love it. Her outfit from today is from Target, don't you guys just love the Cat & Jack collection?!?! Every time! She loves skirts, dresses (especially if it twirls) my wedges, and bows! So my girl. Today I painted her nails and she tells me, "I have a wedge Mama!" ha I just die and take care of my girl. :)

I will always remember how much I wished for her, how excited I was when I found out she was a girl and how incredibly lucky I feel to be her Mama! She was so meant for me even on my days when I feel completely defeated and the mom-guilt is suffocating, like when she says, "Oh shits!" when we missed the bakery for cookies today ... she was meant for ME! I love you my Adie babes forever and forever! -XO!

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