Friday, December 2, 2016

Gift Guide for (the little) Her

 Happy December and TGIF! Day two into the most magical time of year and we've been making the most of it. Yesterday Hart (our elf) showed up with donuts (just love her) and started our advent calendar. Every day I have been trying to make sure we do a fun activity together even if today root beer floats ended up on our white rug ... #iknow and if I started bawling hugging Adie because this last year has been hard and every day with my little baby babes is ... hard and perfect all at the same time! Imagine that! But I cannot believe Christmas is just a few short weeks away and besides being stressed like every year I am really excited! We've been in California now for a year and some of my family is coming to stay!!! Last year we rocked dinner, presents and the cleanup with just us four so I really am looking forward to spending this holiday with more family!

(everything in pink ... your little girls will love)

This year when I saw the a-frame dollhouse I instantly fell in love, I first noticed it on the Land of Nod Instagram months ago and it should arrive here next week + I scored it during the major shopping weekend!!! Cannot wait for twenty three more sleeps!!!! When I can I move in and take a mini vaca?! With our root beer floats this morning (literally like nine thirty, maybe ten in the am) we wrote letters to Santa! The what I want, need, wear and read and a really BIG want ... three out of the five wishes Adie put down a dress. She is so my girl because I would totally rock a new dress :)! Besides a new brush , a book about Aurora, jewelry, a dress it is! I am loving the little pom-pom sleeves! A perfect pair of shoes with a little sparkle from one of our favorite stores. Peek Kids! Adie is all about flowers, she has already planned out her birthday (in June) party next year, she wants a flower Aurora party ... already brainstorming!!! ;) The little flower throw pillow is to die for. Along with this garden personalized sleeping bag!!! Because we so need to camp out under the tree before the holidays are over!!!

This carry home dollhouse is a perfect must have for quiet time, church and its just stinking cute! I can see her playing with this for hours and what a fun time playing with her, that's usually when you get the best toddler conversations! :) The little tooth fairy in a box is the cutest and would be a perfect gift or stocking stuffer!!! Not to mention I could see Adie playing with it for hours in this freaking cute pavilion playhouse!!! I am always bringing way too much to church to try and keep them quiet during our first meetings so this totally quiet wooden magnetic game is perfect!!! We can never have too many bows in our house and I am swooning over those candy cane stripped ones from Free Babes! Since my babies are growing up way too fast I feel like I am always buying them clothes ... which the Cat & Jack line at Target gets me every. single. time. and we LOVE IT! But this jumper is a girly girls dream and I totally want one for myself! #twinning use coupon code SHOPGIFTS for 30% off at J.Crew ... which means the dress too!!! :) Adie is so into jewelry and this bead set would be darling, I could totally see her making bracelets for everyone even her little dollies. Like this beautiful princess fairytale doll, on sale too!

Happy shopping! Tomorrow we are going to see Adie sing in her little school program and I cannot wait! Now I need to figure out what our Elf on the shelf will be up to tonight! Let us know what yours is up to in the comments ... I could use all of your ideas ;) -XO!

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