Friday, December 9, 2016

Gift Guide for Her

Happy Friday! We now have 16 days until Christmas so I thought I would share to you whats on my wish list this year. I think now having little people, all I really want is to create magic for them and watch their faces light up Christmas morning! Adie's dollhouse you can see here came this week and I am so stinking excited!!! This last week we have been crazy busy, Hart our Elfie has been entertaining us every morning, our advent calendar has been creating memories with its every day surprises! Which included us making ornaments and I loved how they turned out! Its so easy and years later we will love them even more! In the hustle and bustle we LOVE it! But getting sick as a Mom ... well just sucks and during the holidays is even worse, who literally has time for that?! I have been trying to post this gift guide all week and I finally finished it ... so here are a few things girly, tech savvy and that book!!! So inspirational!

I have had those pom-pom sneakers in my online shopping cart for a couple of months and I cannot get over them!!! So obsessed! I can always use a pair of new sunglasses especially since Aden broke my favorite pair sitting on my lap at the dentist. I recently got a new phone (thanks Hubby) and I love it ... I will always be team iPhone!!! It's the 7 and in rose gold and I still need to transfer all of my contacts but its like the best thing ever! Aden loves to prank call/text everybody on it so I need a fun case for it and who could pass up lips!!!? I like need the Google Home! I've seen the cutest commercial and could totally imagine that in our house just to make whale noises!!! Also if you follow Lay Baby Lay ... she made the cutest video featuring the Google Home and it seems so perfect with a family full of kids!!! I love technology (most of the time) :) These necklaces are another must and have been swooning over them for years now! You can personalize them and I would never take it off especially engraved with Adie and Aden!!! My babies forever! Also along with that little heart ... obsessed!!! Our house is cold downstairs and sweaty hot upstairs with the heater on and could always use a cute pair of slippers!!! 

I love the fashion this year with the big sleeves and ruffles! That black and white shirt is darling and would wear it with everything, jeans, skirts maybe even a cute pair of shorts and wedges! So fun! I totally want to start working out and love the idea of a fitbit! Keeping track of the important stuff will help get me to where I need to be! Healthy!!!! All I have to do is start! (New Years Resolution) I love taking pictures especially of my little people and totally think I need the next level of picture perfect. So maybe the 50 mm lens so I can capture a cuter face!! HA! Actually I want it more for indoors and capturing more moments without the it looks fuzzy because I still don't know how to really use my camera. I would totally rock the apple watch ... because I'd rather wear that than my phone, honestly!!! Aden steals my phone and says, "mine!" He already stood on our iPad and cracked it so you could imagine my wanting to keep it out of site! I love how you can get messages, pictures, phone calls, etc. and still be in style! Hello - win!!! I like the white because I imagine being tan and it looking cute! Plus the new version is water proof and perfect for beach days!!! I love reading a good book that empowers you and makes you feel like a total boss lady! Because being in social media it can be is hard, like really hard! I love seeing how others rocked their own journeys and maybe I can learn a little something from each of them! And the fact that OhJoy! is in the book is reason enough o grab a copy! Her snap chat outfit of the day are my favorite ever! I do love love this pineapple cup for your desk, perfect stocking stuffer! These pajama bottoms I would literally live in every single day, a step up from sweats! 

Happy weekend and shopping!!! This weekend we are seeing a live nativity with cookies and hot chocolate, making our gingerbread house and hopefully not starting the washer for the third time with the same load of whites! -XO!

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