Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas 2016

Happy Christmas, everybody!!!

The hustle and bustle was so worth it this year! Actually online shopping made it a breeze and picking a few things out shopping is still so fun! I love gifting and finding those must haves for our most favorite people ... ever! Most of my family drove up from Arizona, we just missed my Twin and her little family, which made this year extra special. Christmas Eve some of us went to see the movie SING! I loved it and so did Adie, the mama pig was my favorite and was fun to veg out on popcorn and see what cracks Adie up. I made reservations at my new favorite place to get soup, the Yard House ... and the tacos! We ate dinner early, drove through the best neighborhood for lights and listened to Adie and Aden tell us look at every house! Once we got home we had our little people open their (matching) pajama presents and put out cookies for Santa! Adie hung up her stocking and it was the cutest thing ever. I literally was so excited putting presents under the tree, wrapping a few last minute gifts and putting bows on a few special gifts! I sat in front of our tree all lit up, filled with presents and scrolled through Instagram looking at everyone's excitement. 

Christmas morning we tried keeping two little people upstairs while we all got ready for early morning church! Aden was his usual busy boy self playing with his cars, eating almost the entire thing of mints and crawling over all of us but we made it out and headed home to finally open presents! Sneaked the kids up stairs after our family selfie and put into comfy clothes and Aden again was crankenstein crying while Eric carried him down stairs until he saw his new car! Watching their excitement is Christmas enough for me! 

Adie literally loved everything she opened! She was so sincere, and sweet with everything! She fell in love with her doll house (yay!!!), opened a darling dress, the cutest bead set, Cinderella and her horse, and one of her favorites ... a hatchimal. She literally turned red from screaming of excitement that her new friend pecked the egg trying to get out. Aden was pretty much set on his cars from his stocking and wanted nothing nothing to do with unwrapping his gifts! He would line up his cars, push them around and he opened like two gifts and left the rest to me. He loved his car, little lion you ride on, and every car he got! He even loved playing with Adie's stuff too ... just total happiness and it was the best part! Adie was so funny because I told her I had a few more last minute presents to buy and she told me, "whatever I do, do not buy an iPad!" side note: Aden stepped on ours and cracked the screen, it still works and Aden repeatedly tells us that its broke! Christmas morning I unwrapped a new iPad :) just love my little family and their surprises

We made the best turkey dinner and even the leftovers were perfect! Adie and I both made wishes with the wishbone which snapped two even pieces, so here's to two wishes coming true this new year! Pumpkin pie and whipped cream ... a must! Which if you freeze the whipped cream and the scoop spoon fulls on your pie, you'll love it forever! We watched new movies, played with every new toy and made memories that will keep the magic alive until next year! Oh how I want it to last forever and now I feel like I need new decor to replace the Christmas I have to take down. Which I love a good room makeover :) or rearranging!

We still have our tree up, hanging on to Christmas as long as we can! Hope you all had the MERRIEST CHRISTMAS and spent it with your favorites! -XO

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