Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

Thanksgiving is in two weeks and I am so excited this year! Last year I drove with my little people [and my Ma] to California from Utah, ate at something like TGI Fridays and slept in a hotel! SO this year we are more so settled in and hoping family comes to visit! YAY! I love Thanksgiving for many reason, one being the rolls and lots of them! Creating fun memories is another one for my little baby babes! I have searched everything Thanksgiving/kids on Pinterest and grabbed my favorites! I am literally dying over the little turkey filled with popcorn! DYING!!! Totally doing it! So stinking fun for everyone. :) Another must for the weekend is the turkey tracks. When I saw that I just knew Adie would LOVE love it! She always brings home the best artwork from preschool so I know this one will be super fun for her ... and Aden too! Setting the kids tale will be just as fun and I just might sit with them. All of the coloring pages, crayons and fun hats!

The Indian corn is another must ... and with legos! How creative!!!! I just might do that this weekend with Adie. :) Southern California is still in summer so we need a few things to make it feel like Fall! If you follow us on Instagram [@adieandaden] you already know we put up a Christmas tree! I love it!!! The days are long but the years are short and we started early! I freaking love this time of year even if I am already stressing! ahhh! 

Tell us your favorite Thanksgiving thing to do! One of mine is to make sure I get the wishbone and brake it with Adie and make wishes!!! :) and you GUYS! Thank you so much for following along, being apart of Adie and Aden, we stinking love you! -XO!

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