Monday, November 28, 2016

Share the Joy!

The season of giving ... I cannot wait to celebrate Christmas this year. [happy dance] this truly is my favorite, ever! Having two little baby babes makes everything that much more magical and I cannot wait until Christmas morning. One of the funnest things of the season is to give, I love to shop for the perfect gift, make it look cute and deliver it to our special someone. I don't know about any of you other Mamas or Dads but our kids have SO MANY toys!!! And I even feel like we get rid of a ton too ... they are everywhere! This year again we are going to drop off bag(s) to our local donation center because really my little people should be outside exploring, making friends, using their imagination and if you know me I am all about minimal!!! Especially living in So'Cali where space is limited (for the price) toys take up a bunch of space. 

That's why I am LOVING this LitJoy crate that literally shows up on your doorstep! LitJoy Crate is a monthly book box subscription! Their goal is to deliver the joy of reading right to your front door. Because heading to Barnes and Noble with two little people will quickly test your patience. Their crates come with either a new-release Young Adult book, Picture Book, or Board Book. Each crate also includes book-themed items to make the reading experience extra joyful! They offer various subscription options and 1-time gift options. LitJoy Crate is the perfect way to share books with others. This holiday season, give the gift of reading!  Books are one of my favorite gifts to give ... they really create such an imagination for your little ones and how fun that LitJoy comes with fun stuff for your book reading time! We picked out the Pets box because I knew Aden would LOVE it ... he is into saying what a dogie says and freaks out when he sees them. He will stop and sit there screaming dog dog, pointing at it and yelling again, dog dog! 

This crate came with the cutest little ears to wear, Scooby Doo snacks that look like dogie treats and the cutest coloring book that you use water to create the color (mom's best trick) and a 20 dollar credit to Chatbooks!!! So stinking fun, what a fun way to preserve the memory of reading to your little people. Our new favorite Pets books which I am always about the illustration :) and I love making reading fun so my two little people will always have that desire. These crates are the perfect family gift, you can never have too many books, a little bit to bring story time to life and something for us Mamas ... hashtag winning!!! Head over to their Instagram too, they are doing some fun giveaways. 

LitJoy Crates are offering Adie and Aden readers a discount :) I always love a discount ... use HOLIDAY15 to receive 15% off your first crate. This code will be good until January 31st, 2017. Happy shopping! -XO!

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