Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween Two Thousand Sixteen

By far my most favorite Halloween ever! The twelve stores I went to, looking for a costume for Aden, the glitter that is permanently everywhere, the random plastic spiders that make me jump and the candy that will forever haunt all of us was SO WORTH IT! I was feeling like I failed big time since I was last minute with Aden's costume and I just bought Adie's from the store but when I look back out our night, it was magic! Adie knew she wanted to be Aurora and I finally found one after we spent thirty dollars on a Sugar Skeleton from Target she only wore twice. I came up with the best idea for them but even Amazon couldn't guarantee Monday delivery. So this year we have Princess Aurora Adie [she insisted we call her that] and a super hero who loves lollipops!

I love Aden's costume and for being pretty last minute I was dying door after door taking him trick-or-treating. Our neighborhood was so fun this year! Strobe lights, lasers, kids everywhere and some of the cutest costumes. We had one of Eric's co-workers come over with their two little boys for door knocking, pizza and root beer floats! I took Aden around while Eric and Adie handed out candy until our guests arrived and it was by far my favorite part of the night. He would hold my hand, tippy-toe reach for the doorbell and just stand there with his little bucket. Everyone loved him and my heart was so full of joy watching him, even when he would oooh and grunt at the hanging skeletons. I'm not sure what Adie loved more, handing out candy or running with her new friend door to door. She would run up to the door, say, "trick-or-treat! I'm Aurora" so funny! :) she then would say "thank you trick-or-treat!" Aden was so into the few pieces of candy I put in his bucket so he would carry it that we stopped every two seconds for him to grab it, leave his bucket and run off. So he finally got the hang of going to each door, waiting for someone to open it and give him candy. Sometimes he would grab a piece of candy, then another and sometimes handfuls. Literally so FUN! 

We went to our church trunk-or-treat last week and I am so glad we rushed out the door for chili, candy and the best chocolate cake. The games were the best, and I cannot believe how awesome each car looked as Adie scored handfuls of candy and Aden followed. Aden was in love with the lollipops and a little car wagon he saw. He cannot get enough of cars and wheels! He is so funny. Christmas is going to be amazing and magical!!!! :) We finally carved our pumpkins from the pumpkin patch field trip you can see here! Adie grabbed hers from the garage, brought it inside wearing my wedges and dropped it, so it busted. She cried! I almost cried after a day of costume hunting for Aden! Eric insisted we wait so our pumpkins would last until Halloween and I bought 100 candles because that's just what you do. Note to self: do NOT buy battery operated lights for pumpkins. After we picked up a new pumpkin for Adie we carved them, had root beer floats and lit our pumpkins for the night! Adie refused to clean her pumpkin while Aden loved it! Aden got his first root beer rush and would get completely pissed when you took it away. 

I loved everything about Halloween this year. Our Ghostbuster movie night you can see here, a lot of pizza nights and the best laughs that will last until next year! Making these traditions with my little people is truly the best part of being a parent. This year has come and gone, we have almost been in California for a year and my favorite time of the year is quickly approaching! We already took Halloween down and I am so ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas!!! Eeek I can hardly wait! Hope you guys had the best Halloween and grabbed all of the chocolate from last nights run! :) Thanks for following along friends!!! -XO!

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