Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Beach Day

Daylight savings has kicked our butts this week and I cannot get used to my babies waking up at six o'clock! They had perfect schedules and now we are getting through each day with a quick run [or two] to Jack in the Box! Adie always says, "here we go again!" but then insists I get her an orange juice and one for Aden too or he gets very upset! No one left behind :) We live close enough to the beach we should have sun-kissed skin year round and tan lines that fade into memories but with Eric's work schedule I have been a little hesitant to take my babes to the ocean by myself! But since its still 90 degrees in November and we haven't been in forever, I decided to take them and just have the best time. I made sure I only brought everything in one bag so I had both hands free to hold theirs. 

We got there a half hour before noon and got the best parking spot [which never happens] and made sure everyone went to the bathroom first. Which shuffling three people in a public beach bathroom is not ideal but we made it work and Adie insisted we give her privacy. One swim diaper, almost an entire roll of thin toilet paper and I had two very excited little people ready to play at the beach. The last time we took Aden to the beach he insisted on eating the sand, face first. So this time I knew he would just love playing in the sand, dragging his bucket everywhere and still not getting in the water. My little Adie loves the water and ran right in laughing the entire time.  She is fearless and I love that about her. We ate lunch before the seagulls could, picked up goldfish a thousand times and wipes sandy faces all afternoon. We built sand castles, searched for the perfect seashells and played a few good games of tag. Adie is the cutest, it would be her turn to chase us and she would say, "Mama, I kiss you?" Lean in for her kiss and tag you, running off laughing! We played more in the water and tried to get Aden in it and he will not! The water is cold, he doesn't like it and so we play some more in the sand. Aden made a new friend at the beach and they were from Arizona, so fun, they played together so cute. I love watching them interact at this age. 

We went looking for ice cream, Aden dragged his blanket everywhere and it literally turned black, and Adie danced the whole way to her scoop of strawberry gelato. Aden and I shared chocolate chip and he is my sweet boy who loves his ice cream. The waffle cone was soggy, ice cream was everywhere and he so easily shared it with me. He's the sweetest ever. After ice cream we went back to the beach and let Adie and Aden walk through the sand until we drove to Chipotle! I seriously could eat it every day! [some days we do] We ate dinner in the car watching the sunset and Adie was in love. She kept telling me all the colors in the sky, and kept saying the sun is leaving! We spent a good six hours out in the sun and I loved every stinking minute of it! Drove home playing Adie's favorite game of going through the alphabet saying words that start with each letter. Looking back at our beach day I thought to myself, "why haven't we been going more?" It was such a fun day and the weather was perfect, so I am making it a goal to get back to the things that make us happy ... like the beach! :) 

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