Thursday, October 27, 2016

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

This week we went on Adie's first field trip to the pumpkin patch and we brought Aden! :) Adie has been looking forward to this for months! Which I tried getting Eric to take the day off so he could hang out with Aden but you know how that went! Now looking back at pictures I am so glad we brought him with us! His little personality is the funnest and Adie just loves his guts! What its really like taking two little [a four year old + 1 year old] people to pick out pumpkins with the rest of California.

1. I over dressed [all of us] for Octobers in California. It was a hot 85 degrees which felt like 115 chasing Aden through the corn maze. Note to self, layers and everyone gets their own personal fan. Have you seen the ones that plug into your phones? I kind of want one :) Adie kept flipping her hair to keep cooled off or maybe she was showing off her new pierced ears.

2. Since we drove we were so early, even after stopping at Jack in the Box for our favorite drinks :) Google maps got us there in less than a half hour in the car pool lane. Which also means not loosing both of my kids among the 51683839 other kids. I kept Aden in the stroller as long as I could until he wanted to get out, so of course I let him out and he literally just wanted to play in the dirt. At least I got to talk to other Moms so we consider it a win!

3. Our first stop was the corn maze and another Mama gave me the best advice to make it out not swearing out loud. To leave. my. stroller. behind. So we parked that, grabbed my bag and went in with two kids, tightly holding each one of their hands as we tried to keep up with the class. Adie was having the best time, she kept going through the little shortcuts and found a little guy to play tag with. Aden wanted to go one way and Adie was running the other way so if you can just imagine me saying, "Adie! Stay with Mommy!" "We're coming, Adie stay with Mommy!" Mumbling under my breathe, Eric should have taken the day off, ha ha! Aden loved touching the corn, running into small paths and not wanting to come out. All while Adie is running. We found everyone from class and I now look like I just ran a marathon!

Waiting with Adie's classmates Aden decides to take off which makes the other kids chase him. He loved it! So I would run and chase him, bring him back, just so he could run faster and take more kids with him. My favorite, they all were laughing and having the best time being little.

4. Before we went to the animal farm Adie ran into one of her soccer buddies in the hay stacked maze. She ran, climbed over hay stacks and stopped listening to me. Aden was so over the stroller which was making me think why did I even bring it! Aden wanted to be just like Adie, so he ran through the hay stack maze which means, I also ran through the hay stacked maze. That ended quick when Adie's whole class was already in the animal farm petting goats! Miss Liz asked if we wanted to join everyone, yes, yes we do! I didn't even know everyone was in line and already gone, I was too busy making sure kids weren't knocking Aden down and trying to find Adie. She ran off with her class and I almost threw up because I didn't know where she was ... worst two minutes ever! 

All three of us made it to the animals. Aden was obsessed and Adie was in no hurry to pet anything! It was like walking through a gerbils cage and all I was thinking is I cannot wait to use our hand sanitizer! Aden tried picking up every goat and laughed! The cutest one was a little black goat, and one was named oreo which Adie loved. I was taking pictures of Adie and Aden when a goat got in my camera face ... so funny! We couldn't hold the bunnies which made Adie so done with the animals she started chasing kids and playing tag. Shuffling through kids and animals I made it out with both kids and some much needed hand sanitizer! :)

5. Pumpkins! Yay! I love picking pumpkins and its now my favorite thing ever to watch Adie and Aden. Adie would pick a pumpkin and then change her mind and throw the pumpkin down. I died! Every time! Aden followed Adie everywhere and she would come and show him which one she picked then change her mind and throw it down. Aden would try and pick up pumpkins with his little grunt, like its so heavy but I am trying! We found three pumpkins that have the funnest stems! Not the best pumpkins but that should be our new tradition, ugly pumpkins! :) Every one Adie brought to me was exactly that. Still sweating like a boy trying to find the perfect ugly pumpkin. Trying to carry three pumpkins and make sure my two little people are close by was a site to see. But we managed to get all the pumpkins in the stroller, back to the car safely and just in time to have some food.

I packed a picnic basket full of our favorites! Instead of driving back [a half hour] home we sat down in the only shade we could find and ate lunch. The roses were the perfect place to drink apple juice and talk about what part was our favorite from the day. It was seriously so fun. Talking with Adie, making sure Aden doesn't run off while opening another fruit snack for my field trip girl made for the best field trip ever! Nothing I cannot handle now that I know to leave the stroller in the car until its time to carry your pumpkins, dress for the beach :) and enjoy every little second with my babies! Because they are growing up so freaking fast and I love being there to witness it!

Going on a school field trip, and realizing the bus ride was the best part! :) 

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