Sunday, October 2, 2016

Favorite Fall Accessories

Happy October! Crisp air, pumpkin spice everything, crunchy leaves and the cutest outfits, in this case, accessories! Loving all things pink, yellow and fuzzy pom-poms! :) Being a busy Mama I like comfy practical and cannot wait to get those puffball platform sneakers! I think Adie and Aden will get a kick out of them and the fact that I can slip them on and be out the door is a huge win! I am in need of a new favorite pair of sunglasses since Aden broke mine while he was sitting on my lap at the dentist. I am swooning over these round sunglasses and they are super affordable from Nordstrom. Starting the gym this month and want a fitbit to keep track of everything and it seems like to best way to get motivated. Plus you can get texts, has caller-ID and has calendar alerts! So fun!! On days (which is mostly all of them) I don't want to do my hair the knit beanie is perfect and love the pom-pom too! If I was a rich girl (nah nah nah) I would most definitely buy that Fendi Karlito bag charm! The best thing that would happen to any bag, which I am in love with the color of this one. And of course a new bag needs a new wallet, this soft pink one matches perfectly!!! :) I love a small wallet because sometimes I just need to make a quick stop and they fit perfect in your back pocket! 

I cannot believe this picture is from last year, same day! Aden has grown up so much and now Adie is spelling pizza. Tomorrow Adie has school pictures! She is growing up way too fast and today she told me she couldn't wait to grow up and have boobs! #truestory I told her to not be in a hurry she'll eventually get them. Happy Sunday and thanks for following along! -XO!

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