Monday, September 12, 2016

Two Snapshots

Are nap dates a thing? Because that's something I can work with! Life is flying by, my babies are growing up too fast and we're all just figuring it out together. Wanted to give a little snapshot of my two little babes since it's been forever so I wanted to share a little peek into our life with two littles. It's busy, chaotic, emotional and most of all, mine and I wouldn't change it for anything. Some days I might tell you different but for now I'll continue to buy overpriced Dr. Pepper at Jack in the Box and show up!

Adie [Adie boo boo, sweetheart, pumpkin, and sissy] || 4 years old 

She is by far way too grown up and impresses me every day. She is my sweet, sweet girl who loves with all of her little self. She is so girly and loves to show her friend Adie (on her soccer team) her nails. :) I have been teaching her to always tell the truth, which Eric told me a story the other day when they were playing the princess matching game. But first, let me tell you, she always has to win at whatever she does, even running up the stairs, getting in the car, and eating her breakfast all gone. Adie told Eric, "She cheated so she could win and that she was sorry, she was just being selfish." Like where did she even learn that?! Made me so proud! She loves soccer until she's done playing then she sits and cheers her team on. She is loving school so much right now and absolutely loves her teacher. Today when I picked her up I was early, she came in from playing outside holding a friends hand and my Mommy heart wanted to EXPLODE! They were so stinking cute even if she doesn't remember her name. She is always excited to go to class and makes sure she says hi to her teacher and shows her, her outfit and her fun nails! One of my favorite things is picking her up from school she is always so excited to see me and tells me school stories for the rest of the day. Dancing is her everything, she is always dancing or singing so her ballet and tap class are going exceptionally well. Her sense of humor kills me and we always say she's going to be the class clown. Her favorite thing right now is to either give you a wedgie or pull your pants down and yell, naked bum as she runs off. She is so thoughtful and will make sure you are just as comfy as she is before movie night and will remind you to get the good snacks! Adie's favorite foods are (still) orange juice, raspberries because you can put them on your fingers, cupcakes, she says broccoli (but she never eats it) and cheese. She still loves her baby (Dinosaur Happy) and she insists on wearing my shoes and tells me she can't wait to be a Mommy to wear high shoes and to be able to eat whatever you want as she giggles. She is seriously so fun and I cannot get enough of her!

45 pounds / 43 inches [95 percentile] and hates shots

Aden [crankenstein, bud, naked boy, and my favorite, baby] || 1 year old [15 1/2 months]

Aden is grumpy (not all of the time) in the mornings and it makes all of us crazy. Unless he has food or is outside he is climbing my legs or I am holding him trying to make breakfast. Which he is refusing to sit in his highchair so our mornings are messy! He says Mama probably 560456 times a day and I freaking love it!!! He like yells it, cracks us all up. He is so in love with cars, dinosaurs and his whale blanket. He could push cars around, usually one in each hand, for hours. He will run into your arms if you hold them out and it literally melts your heart. He is extremely clingy one day and the next he's independent running outside throwing rocks. Aden sleeps for twelve hours and goes to bed at 7 pm and I love that schedule. He'll also take a 2-3 hour nap and is the happiest guy when he wakes up! So our afternoons are so fun until the 5 o'clock struggle before dinner. The way he says baby will make you want 5 more babies so he will say it all day! He says, uh-oh, wow, Mama, Dada, ball, baby and I think everything else is in Russian. Aden loves, guacamole, juice, everything you give him pretty much and smoothies. Adie and Aden found a bowl of M&M's on my nightstand and I came in not knowing they found them. I wondered why there was a green smear on my bed, the drink was on the floor and then Adie tells me her and Aden ate them! She told me they were super quiet so I couldn't hear them. I then found peanuts under my bed with bits of chocolate still stuck to them. Apparently Aden only likes the chocolate and Adie is as honest as they come! He can throw the worst tantrums (I don't remember Adie being this way at this age) and it's hilarious because he is so laid back that it cracks all of us up. Aden just recently discovered he can run and its so fun to watch him. He tries to jump but his feet never leave the ground. He will bring his books and back up into your lap and let you read to him until sissy runs by. He blows kisses, loves going to sissy's soccer games and will pat your back when he gives you hugs. 

25 pounds / [99 percentile] and hates everything about the doctors

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