Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Okkatots Kind of Camping

Like campfires + marshmallows, we're better together! 

Camping is different for everybody but I think it's pretty much the same for every Mommy! I love being outdoors and especially experiencing it with my two little people. This was Aden's first camping trip which means he was everywhere and we brought literally everything with us. The Everyday Bag is the best bag to take camping/hiking, to the park or even on a road trip. The insulated cooler in the top of the bag is perfect for Aden's bottles, even a cold Dr. Pepper for me :)! Pack a couple lunches for the little people and take off to your next adventure. One of my favorite parts of the bag is the easy access diaper wipes compartment which saves the day a hundred times. We built fires, made s'mores and collected pine cones. Aden doesn't like anything sticky on his hands and marshmallows weren't any exception. He did totally steal my s'mores and loved everything about it. Adie ate probably the entire bag of marshmallows, two candy bars and a package of graham crackers. #momoftheyear

The next day we went fishing after pancakes and packing everything into our Okkatots Bag. I brought blankets, an extra outfit for each little babes, sunscreen, snacks, toys and even our iPad. The main compartment fully unzips like a book for efficient packing and visibility which is a life safer when your one year old is trying to climb up your legs and your four year old needs a snack after we just ate breakfast. This is the ultimate travel diaper bag! Its unique design was specifically engineered to give you a place to put everything you need and easily access whatever you are looking for. We drove down to the lake, breezed through the store, after picking up the bottles of fish bate and bobbers Aden played in we hiked to a good spot. Aden wanted to swim in the lake and Adie was pretty persistent in getting her pink fish bate out far, then she would reel it in, broke her bobber and decided maybe fishing wasn't her thing. We ate snacks, found sticks, splashed rocks in the water, ate more snacks and watched our fishing poles for any sign of a bite. We saw a group of elk walk down to the water and then take a swim which was neat to see. Adie had to go pee so that was a new adventure for the both of us ;) and Aden still wanted in the water.

The Okkatots diaper bags were thoughtfully designed to effectively hold everything your little ones need. The organization of each compartment allows for quick access to easily find anything you are looking for. This is truly the type of bag that will make you wonder how you ever lived without it! Another fun fact: it fits under airplane seats! Camping can be fun with little people and easy on Mom's since we are the ones (usually) who make sure you have everything down to the bug spray and fruit snacks. The cushioned laptop compartment is my favorite! I can only fish for like five minutes and then I'm done until the next camping trip. So a good book or a fun game for the little people keep us all cheerful. I took Aden on a little hike while Adie played with Papa and Grandma + her Auntie Kristal. We played peek-a-boo behind the trees, climbed on the fallen ones and looked for squirrels. You never know when you'll need a snack or a diaper change on a hike ;) He fell in love with the outdoors and it was my favorite thing ever!

The only thing we caught ... a tennis ball ;)


  1. What a special time camping with grandkids, the worst time is when they leave. That bag is awesome and would work for a hunting pack too I think. Good job on the blog sweets!

  2. P.S. How many people can catch a tennis ball with a fish hook, in a lake?