Wednesday, September 14, 2016


HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY!!! Looking back over this last year, my baby grew up, my girl became my idol and I'm still learning. Reflecting on what's right in front of me and I couldn't feel any luckier! Not to mention every Mama's birthday wish is pictures with her babies she's actually in and I am in LOVE with this picture of me and my little people that I freaking love hard! Life is grand and can't wait for another year with my three favorites! -XO!

Use moisturizer! Everywhere and all of the time! Lately I have been feeling like I have too many wrinkles and not just the smile lines, which I heard nothing is that funny! ;) But really I have been washing, scrubbing, masking and really trying to redo the wrinkles so birthdays are really worth celebrating! 

Don't stress about anything! (or you'll need more moisturizer) ha! But really the things I stress over will seem so not important come next birthday yet I let it take up all of my time! So, a work in progress, don't stress ... even if Aden pooped all over the kitchen floor, nothing can be that bad!

Be happy in the moment. I really have been working at this ... especially with my little people. They will be moving away to college before I know it so set aside the worry, stress, life and be happy! I swear everything just goes smoother when you are. Even the things you stress about.

Laugh. and then use lots of moisturizer ha! But it's really really good for the soul and your relationships! The other night I was reading Adie her stories before bed and we decided to read them with funny voices and we both were laughing so hard and it's one of my most favorite memories. Listening to her laugh just makes me laugh and it really just makes you walk away feeling on top of the world!

Read (books)! I love motivational books and am loving Pretty Happy by Kate Hudson. I've been struggling with being pretty happy with me on the appearance side o f things and I love that Goldie Hawn gives her the best advice, ""And not to take everything so seriously...not to forget that you are good and that everything is all right." Love her!

Don't be afraid to be you. Being in social media this can be hard and often find myself shying away from who I really am and as Allison from the Allison Show reminds us "What other people think of you, ain't none of your damn business!" #RuPaul One thing I hope Adie will always remember growing up!

Happy Birthday Twin!!! xo

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