Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Weekend in Arizona

We went down to Arizona last weekend for our nephew's 3rd birthday party and it was seriously so fun! I love that we live closer to my family in Arizona so I don't miss these fun weekends. We drove five hours and met everyone at Texas Roadhouse where Aden ate his weight in rolls. Adie and Aden were obsessed with jumping on the beds at our hotel. They renovated the hotel and we were the first ones to stay in our new room so they had a cake and balloon to welcome us! How fun! 

We ate breakfast at the hotel, the mini waffles were my favorite and Aden couldn't stop eating the pineapple. :) Parties are seriously one of my favorite things, ever! I went with my sister to grab balloons and make a quick costco run, grabbed polar pops/thirstbusters and got ready for the party! The theme was firetrucks/fireman anything fire! Ha! It was literally the cutest little birthday party! I cannot wait until Aden turns two (I mean I can but really!?!?) so fun! My sister made all of the decorations and I just helped put stuff out. Half hour into the party the fire truck showed up and I almost cried watching how excited Tucker (everyone) was. Living through your kids is seriously one of the best things about being parents. 

Everything about the firetruck was AWESOME! They had the kids tour the truck, try on the helmets & jackets and they all just stood there like now what?! They had a fun game of putting out the fire, they hooked up the hose to the hydrant and literally let the kids get drenched! Aden was napping during the whole thing and looking back I wish we woke him up so he could play in the water! They had a fun game where you were either on the black team or the red team and you had to fill buckets up with water and run to fill up the big bucket. So funny watching them all scatter and run and water splashing ... kids are the freaking best! They gave the kids a ride on the truck so I went with Adie and I literally was sweating everywhere! Like my neck was sweaty! #sogross We ate hot dogs and hamburgers, Aden loved sitting with Aunt Dee Dee and eating all her watermelon! Such a fun party, lots of candy and one game of Catan ... I totally won! :) #longestroad 

Happy 3rd Birthday Tucker! We sure love you! XO

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