Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Tonight Turned into a Memory

I seriously LOVE picking Adie up from school! She is always so excited to see me and I can't get enough of her school stories. She made me a bracelet today and I want to wear the crap out of it, every single day! :) it's bulky, super childlike and I adore it so much! She is filled with excitement, adventure, curiosity and pure love. Even when she's sitting next to me way past her bedtime because she said her eyes weren't tired. Ha! She's eating popcorn watching Mickey Mouse Christmas Carol and I wouldn't want it any other way! :) 

If you follow us on Instagram (@adieandaden) then you already know since Adie started Pre-K I have been taking a picture of her every night and writing something down that she did/said that day! Like she told me she wants a sister, she cried in soccer because someone took the ball from her like five times, that she started dance and the funny things she tells Aden. After her bedtime routine of brushing teeth, stories (her favorite right now is Alice in the Wonderland), prayer and a splash of something to drink. I play music while she makes me scratch her arm or rub her face ... like she demands it and we do it! #sheownsus I play her twinkle little star on my phone until she falls asleep. Sometimes its not even five minutes and other times my arm gets tired from scratch rub, scratch! 

So when all the pictures are taken (when school ends) I will have these pictures and memories made into a book and cherish them always. She is my little love bug even when she doesn't want to wear pajamas or take out her hair! She is growing up way too fast and Aden is falling in her footsteps. Tomorrow is her first soccer game and we are ready to chase her down the field making sure she's headed for the right goal and make sure Aden doesn't get mixed into the middle of little people trying to kick the ball. So excited!

Pretty dreams my sweet baby girl! -XO!

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