Thursday, August 25, 2016

Pee Wee Soccer

The last couple of weeks we have been taking Adie to soccer and it's literally the funnest thing ever! Eric says it's the highlight of his week and I think Aden's too! :) We signed her up for soccer twice a week because she loves to run. This is so her sport, her little cheeks get bright red, she uses the inside of her foot to kick the ball just like her coach taught her and she grunts when she runs fast! Sometimes she just stands there, then all of sudden she starts running after the ball or hangs out at the goal. Watching her run after the ball, looking back at her ponytail blowing in the wind and making friends is my favorite part. This week she cried when they were playing a scrimmage because her teammate kept taking the ball from her, she said like five times, she was so done playing. A little boy on her team gave her a hug, she shares the same name with another little girl and Aden has been making friends with everyone. 

Running and kicking while looking stunning is so Adie's motto :) she is seriously the cutest thing ever and I just love that she wants to play soccer and dance (starts in the morning). I love giving her everything ... most days I tell her she needs to do chores to earn money for everything she wants at Target but this is shaping her character. I hope she will grow up loving new adventures and tries everything! Being part of a team is huge for her, especially since she's our first babes, she can share, teach and learn. Today she had team pictures and I cannot wait to see how they turned out, she will most likely have red cheeks, a sweaty hairline and a cheesy grin! Ha! We're in charge of snacks next week so I will be pinteresting for the cutest ideas!

soc·cer mom [noun] a middle-class suburban mother who spends a great deal of time taking her children to play soccer or engage in other activities.

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