Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Yesterday after Aden's (much needed) nap I spent the afternoon with my two little babes in Pasadena. I love that town and could spend all weekend there ... and shop! My favorite stores are there, West Elm, Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn and J.Crew (crewcuts)! Adie is starting pre-k next week and I have mixed emotions that we wont get into now but she's so stinking excited! I had Adie pick out her backpack even if it's freaking giant but I seriously LOVE IT! :) It's the funnest backpack and it's 100% her personality, best part the eyes glow in the dark! We had to pick up a little pom-pom monster to add to it! She insisted tickling Aden with it and kept saying "Mama, he likes tickles!" I am most likely going to have to snag the cute little pencil case and maybe the lunch box, but we meet her teacher tomorrow night. Might have to do some last minute weekend school shopping! I made sure I grabbed the cutest little heart patch to add to her bag, I told her that every time she looks at it she'll be reminded how much I love her guts!

After waiting like 20 minutes and listening to her cry and tell me she wants to stay in the car, we pushed Aden to Crate and Barrel to pick up a vase for our kitchen table and I am obsessed with it! Pushing Aden AND Adie in a single stroller is a complete workout in 95+ degree weather and I play referee because Aden kicks Adie then he pulls her hair but I am determined to SHOP! So I dropped off the C&B box and headed down the street to J.Crew! I love this store, their style is one of my favorites for Adie! :) Nothing gets you customer service like walking in with a stroller and a four year old! I have never been asked so many times if I was doing okay, if there was anything they could help me with and the backpack was waiting for me at the front counter (I called earlier to have them hold one). Maybe because I was taking pictures or maybe because Moms totally shove stuff in their strollers (at least when I worked at VS, they would)! #truestory But we made it out of the store with the best backpack ever and one happy, excited girl!

Walked, ran and sweated our way to West Elm, another favorite store! This one gal is there every time I work and she is so fun! Picked up another couple vases for our kitchen table and wanted everything in the store. Adie was shopping for sofas, and trying to convince me to buy one! You do not need to convince me baby girl! Little by little our place is looking like people live in it! We went to Cheesecake Factory and going solo with two little hungry people I was a bit worried but they were angels and I loved spending every second with them. Aden grabbed for everything, played with his little car and couldn't get enough bread. Adie orders herself, makes sure the Sprite keeps coming and loves sitting next to me! After my favorite chicken caesar salad, two sprite refills for Adie and a little boy who was ready to go, we walked and talked till we got to our car. Drove back to West Elm curbside to pick up our bags and drive in California traffic, which it doesn't really bother me because we have no where important to be! We played i-spy, the radio too loud, and peek-a-boo with Aden for a little over an hour. Grabbed frozen lemonades and Aden was completely pissed until we stopped the car and got out. Just love them! We spent an hour running in the grass and made it home just before the sun said goodbye. I love this stage of life ... so much!

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