Thursday, August 4, 2016


Here's how our morning looked ... I woke up to Adie watching Strawberry Shortcake in my bed and Aden laughing in his crib and to day four without Dr. Pepper. (I am seriously counting every. single. day.) I finally got them to head down stairs for breakfast our usual cereal, fruit and Adie's orange juice. Got my little people dressed super cute and I grabbed sweats per the norm even in 90 degree weather. We grabbed cupcakes from our favorite place and drove to two laundry mats. I had this vision of taking their pictures in a laundry mat. Rolling around in the baskets, sitting in the dryer and sitting on the washers eating cupcakes. Drove to the first laundry mat and it was packed and I am sure everyone would think I'm crazy or be completely annoyed we're not doing laundry. Stop two, same thing, busy at 11 o'clock in the morning, so change of plans. Living in California I still haven't found my sweet spots to take pictures so I googled. Found Fairmount Park so we ate fruit snacks on the way and played i-spy. 

Now ... Lot801 is a children's brand that strives to create unisex clothing that I freaking love. I tend to dress Adie and even Aden too in not your typical style and it just fits their personalities. That's why we love Lot801!  They believe in letting children be whoever they want to be and their clothes represents that. Lot801 takes pride in creating eco-friendly apparel, every piece is hand made with love in Salt Lake City with 100% organic cotton and water based inks. Only the best for our little babes, right?! ;) I've teamed up with Lot801 to show you their suspenders and how they work for a day out in sunny California. The cupcakes were melted, Adie eats only the frosting and Aden gets pissed if you don't give him whatever Adie has. It's hilarious! So we ate cupcakes for like 5 minutes and then played hide in seek through the palm trees. Any place with palm trees is a win in our day. 

I probably mumbled under my breathe a few curse words trying to get some pictures, Adie is so independent now it makes me freaking crazy. So I just let them play and tried to take pictures after my camera fell off the stroller ... in the mud. It was hot, I threw the cupcakes away and I chased my little babies around palm trees. I love Lot801, their style, the softest ever material (perfect for naps) and Lindsay is rad. Her style, her honesty and her #girlboss attitude is inspiring. I get her emails that make you want to kick ass every day and be a better mompreneur! I love the slouchy style of these suspenders, scrunched up on Aden so you can see his cute little tan legs and new sneakers. Adie is obsessed that they have pockets and was so intrigued about the suspenders. I love that you can get two completely different looks with one pair of suspender joggers. Be a little more preppy with them up or completely relaxed and chilled with them down. 

I loved Adie's hair today ... I feel like it made her look so much older than she is. Aden always looks like a stud in his beanies and he leaves them on for all of 5 seconds but he looks so killer in them! So piled two sweaty hot kids on the stroller (made for one) and hiked back to the car and stopped on the dock for a couple more pictures I convinced Adie to take with Chick-fil-A! #chickennuggets This place was such a hidden treasure, palm trees, a big pond, boats and ducks with mohawks! So I probably got the same amount of pictures as cuss words mumbled under my breath, but who's counting. Looking back at these little red cheek sweet faces, I totally forget that Adie totally gave me attitude, Aden was a crankenstein before we left and thank gosh he fell asleep driving around from laundry mat to laundry mat and I was a hot mess in sweats dying for a cold Dr. Pepper!

Aden's first time not sitting in a highchair and he's the cutest. I totally gave him a frosted lemonade, Adie ate her chicken nuggets and I enjoyed a half hour with my two sweet babies that are my whole entire world! On days I mumble under my breath I am still reminded that I am one lucky Mama! :) So cheers to the weekend, I think we need a little beach time and tan lines to make the memories last a little longer. Hope you guys have fun plans this weekend and remember to forgive your mumbling days! ;) -XO!

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