Monday, August 15, 2016

First Day of Preschool

Today was the best day! Adie started pre-k, there were no tears, and she loved it. I was so proud of her, watching her race into class after we signed her in, finishing her fruit loop necklace. And just like that our little babes started school. I am looking forward to her stories, making friends and knowing she can do anything and ANYTHING is possible! We got there early since teacher orientation was complete chaos, and to our surprise (well mine) it was real good. We waited in line, chased Aden, and listened to Adie ask if she could go in now a few hundred times. Her teacher went over a few expectations for the year while the kids worked on their fruit loops which of course got Aden's attention, I think he just loves being next to Adie. So stinking cute. We practiced the drop-off routine and that was that, Adie ran into class after putting her backpack up and never looked back, no hug. no kiss. no goodbyes. nothing! She literally was so excited to ditch us, so we walked out with a little ache in our hearts but mostly full of love! I would have died if she was a crier, clinger or a complete nightmare so I'll take getting ditched.

Time seems to fly now when she's gone, unlike my 3 o'clock my eyes are bleeding I am so tired and my kids are loco chicken nuggets (that's what Adie always says) time. I put Aden down for his nap and actually got stuff done without someone yelling at me from upstairs that she's done going poop! Every time! Her school is not even 10 minutes away which I love and it has a park and it's where she will be taking dance (ballet and tap) class. I over packed her lunch because half of it came home, but you never know if fruit snacks makes new best friends :) Her little lunch box matches her backpack and she was so excited when I showed her everything this morning. I love her excitement over the little things. I wrote a little "I'm proud of you" note and stuck it in her backpack and even know she can't read she knew it was there. She literally is so fun and I loved seeing her today, she was brave, fun and makes my mama heart want to explode!

She hasn't really told us how things went, so we keep asking her questions and you get a little more out of her. I did get that the teacher did something wrong, she didn't pull the little tabs out on her apple juice :) ha ha I always do so they don't squeeze the crap out of the box and then juice is everywhere! She practiced her ABC's, made new friends but she doesn't know their names. They played, ate lunch and we're assuming it was the best day! So hoping she'll tell us more next time she goes! 

Now that she is in school, I want to totally add a little desk area in her room! RIGHT!!! I grabbed a few things from one of our favorite kids store and I insist on all of it. I could see her coloring, practicing cutting up her coloring books, and hopefully developing a love for learning! I want her to grow to love everything about school and learning! So first things first ... the desk! I love the two-toned style so it can literally go with any color. I like things to look clean and crisp so I limit what goes on any counter/desk whatever! But a few good classic books with that cute balloon dogie book end! I love a mixture of art to show her personality! She is all about outdoors and could literally spend every second at the beach (so my girl) and then completely believes in anything magical! I love the little bunny eared desk lamp that clips on. The gold chair is I think my favorite, I almost went pink then thought it was too much until I saw the gold ... meant to be. Matching the desk lamp, the little bunny pillow is new and to die for! Adie gets a kick out of things like that so it would be perfect for her new desk! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the rug! The colors, the flowers ... Adie always tells us how much she loves flowers and she would just be thrilled and a soft round rug to add texture is the perfect touch! I love these book caddys and am sure you've seen them before if you follow along! We are all about poufs over here, I think if they are throughout your home the little people will love them and jump a little less on your sofa! :) win!

She ate her fruit loop necklace and just wore the string :) ha ha

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