Thursday, August 11, 2016

Back To School

We took Adie to her meet the teacher/orientation night tonight after Chipotle (I could eat that every day) and I had to hold back the ugly cry! She is so excited and keeps asking me when I get to drop her off and tells me I have to drop her off because she can't drive yet. :) I am excited for her to learn, grow and make friends. She is going a couple times a week, starting soccer and dance ... so we will be busy but I am looking forward to every second. She will need her lunch packed and I cannot wait to put all of her favorites in and I already bought a little notepad I can write her "I love you's" because I need this more than she does. But one thing I can definitley look forward to is her first day and making every second count.

I love how much Adie loves pink ... sometimes (like tonight) she wears too much pink! But is there such thing?! I want her to be able to have fun, learn and make new friends! So these camo leggings are perfect for running around being comfy on day one. Not that I could pass up a stinking darling dress either!!! I just love Adie's backpack we picked up in Pasadena (you can see more here) and I will put her little heart patch on this weekend! She needs a few school supplies like beginner pencils, fiskers scissors and crayons! So excited for her! I will probably just camp out at the car with Aden while sissy is at school, I am going to miss her like crazy! Over time I know my heart will be less empty and more full of her stories and I am looking forward to some quality time with my Aden!

We are headed to the beach tomorrow before our little girl starts school! -XO!

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