Thursday, July 21, 2016

Weekend in Arizona

After getting back from SLC we made a quick trip to Arizona to visit family and most important to see my Papa. Memories are made at Grandparent's houses, being back at my Grandparents brought back so many memories. When we were younger we would do sleep overs and I remember when my parents came to pick us up we begged to stay another night! My Grams would always brush our hair and put it in a ponytail just like we loved. We would always make oatmeal cookies from my Dad's recipe from when he was a kid. I remember making quilts, Christmas decorations and playing dress up with all of my Grams old freaking awesome clothes and shoes. 

Papa's are like Dad's that never say no. Our Papa is the best example of family and every day is a day concord! We love you Papa!

We stayed at my parents house and to beat the heat we ate popsicles, had a water balloon fight and Aden loves drinking from water bottles. We loved seeing Aunts and Uncles and little cousins! I could watch my babies play all day ... wait I kind of do that already! ;) Aden was obsessed with walking in the rocks and playing with Adie in the little playhouse. Plus I cannot wait to tell you more about his freaking cute pants that at first I didn't think I liked but now I couldn't LOVE them more. Aden is so into pushing/dragging things and the little airplane was no different. The next day we got ready, visited with our Uncle Dave and went to Little Anthony's for lunch! Such a fun place, the pizza is my favorite and bummed I forgot the leftovers! We won free scoops of ice cream for answering trivia and played Feed Big Burtha! After lunch we drove by the LDS Tucson Temple and it is stunning! Just looking at it brings such peace. I cannot wait to go back when it is finished for the open house. 

I forgot how HOT it is in Tucson, I was dying but my new favorite dress was totally the trick to keeping cool! Nordstrom is by far my favorite ever to shop at and right now with their Semi-Annual Sale ... eeek! We had a water balloon fight, Aden hated it, Eric got wet because he just sat there and me and Adie played with Papa and Nana! She literally is the best to have fun with! She kept going after my Dad to get him wet and I was dying. I love how he totally let her too! She kept telling him it was his turn to jump over the sprinkler ball! Aden held on to two little water balloons and cried every time water sprinkled on him! Just like any Arizona storm they make the air smell like rain, the wind kicks in and the sky gets dark for like two seconds. Uncle Dave gave Adie a headlight and she was totally all over it. Kept asking if we could see her when she turned it on. Then my Dad gave her walkie talkies and they went outside to play with them and Adie was hilarious. She told my Dad he was going down and kept saying I can hear you talking! Needless to say they came home with us and extra batteries :) Our trip was too short but full of memories and laughter. Next time we need to stay longer and when it's a little cooler. 

 Over and out!

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