Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Our Summer @ Bear Lake

I grew up going to the lake with family, Roosevelt, Lake Powell (always a favorite) and now Bear Lake has a piece of my heart! papa Gerald bought a cabin up at Bear Lake and its such a fun vacation to look forward to, the bluest water, the milkshakes and spending time at the beach are my favorite. Last year we went Aden was around three months old and it did not feel like a vacation so I was looking forward to this year's trip since he is walking and eating whatever we give him. I think when you are a mommy vacations still feel like work so I tried this time to be a little more organized and a little less crazy. We drove up to the lake Saturday night after Adie's party, made sure to grab a few of her new toys and made it to bed just after dark. 

The next day (Sunday) was lazy and full of playing catan and watching Adie rock her scooter. She is the cutest thing ever on that. If you guys haven't played catan ... go buy it (the extended version too) and play! It is addicting and I am on a five win streak! ;) now that we know all of the rules instead of making them up as we go, I need to host game night once a week! We brought her bike she got for her birthday and Aden was all about hanging out with the guys. He is so curious about everything right now. Adie literally bossed Uncle Troy around, Aden took a long nap and we sat on the patio/deck and enjoyed just "being"! Adie's getting to that age she entertains herself and calls at you 100 times fr more fruit snacks or something more to drink. Smoothies in the summer have been on repeat and especially at the cabin. 

 The next day we packed lunches, a few Dr. Peppers (water too) and headed down for the beach. It seemed like around 2 o'clock every day it got windy but we still loved playing in the water. I paddle boarded with Adie, she kept telling me to slow down, watch out for sharks and that she'll help me paddle so we can go shopping! I seriously LOVE the crap out of her. Aden wanted to walk the beach, back and forth he would grab your hand readjust it to two fingers and drag you in the water and back out. He would babyzilla the sand castles we built! He got made that he couldn't get any more yogurt out of his gogurt and that ended up all of the beach and himself, next were the grapes and finally his cookie, all in the sand. He makes us laugh over and over, he knows how to throw fits now and I cannot stop laughing when he does. Adie was in love with her new shoes from Aunt Trina so she wore them every chance she got and carried her new puppy everywhere. 

Fourth of July was fun, spent in on the beach, got a few tan lines and watched my babies live! Its so fun to experience new things through them and see how excited they get over little waves. Eric's reason for living is the fourth of July and summer! He loves the crap out of it, so he always puts on a good fireworks show. This year was the first time we watched them on the beach and I can totally get used to laying back and cheering him on! He's like a little kid in a candy store and it's pure joy! We grabbed shakes and hamburgers from Jakes (I think) and waited for it to get dark so we could ohh and ahhh the show! 

We spent time on Papa's new army truck and Aden was in heaven. Pushed every button, (tried) rolling the window down, honking the horn and steering was his thing! He was so totally boy and catching his happiness is my favorite. He could have played in there all day. Adie went out on the tube and jetski and quickly came back. She wasn't feeling it this trip like last year, she kept telling Papa "gooooo, papa goooo!' we played a little more in the water/sand. A few of of us were sick including Eric which I am not sure if I'd rather have two sick kids or a sick husband ... tough debate! This trip was more of relax and play with my babies and it was perfect! I couldn't ask for better kids, they are my life, my favorites and they make my heart explode every time we get to be together!

I had won a free mini photo shoot on Instagram from Jessica's Photography and she happened to be at Bear Lake with another shoot so I made sure to bring a few cute outfits for my favorites to wear and headed home early from the beach to get ready and Adie and Aden were angel bugs until we got back down to the beach and they so didn't want pictures done. But Jessica makes everything so natural that it was like we were just playing at the beach a little longer, with our hair done! I can't wait to see more than our sneak peeks! We decided to head home early since everyone wasn't feeling a hundred percent, so Adie insisted on washing her bike and scooter, cleaned things up and made a fast trip to Chick-fil-A after Aden and Daddy woke up from their naps! Nothing is worse than not feeling good and especially while you're on vacation! But we got to spend a little more time in SLC and I painted my nails/toes so it's a win win for me! :)

Happy almost HUMP DAY friends! -XO!

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