Friday, July 29, 2016

Family Pictures at Bear Lake

We have been quiet here on the blog this last week ... still getting our house organized from being on vacation for two weeks, looking for pre-k school for Adie, spending quality time with my little people, and celebrating our anniversary! Tonight our family walk turned into staying up past bedtimes pulling weeds and it was perfect! Watching Adie and Aden play in the rocks, throw the ball together and Adie dressing up in her old dance skirts literally makes my Mama heart so full of happiness. 

We got our pictures back we had taken while we were up at Bear Lake and I love them so! One of my favorites is when Adie is hugging my leg, she's still my little girl :) and Aden's stink eye is the best. It gave me another excuse to run to Target and make prints to hang in our house which is finally looking like somewhere lives here. We decided to work on one room at a time and we have been working on our cozy room in front of the fireplace. You can see more here and I have a DIY project for the fireplace to give it an updated look! I'll need to get to work so when Santa comes we're ready. Which is only a short five months away and I already have the best gift ever for Adie and I cannot wait!!! My plan is to have Christmas shopping done in the next couple of months so we can enjoy the holidays and be with family!

Tomorrow we have our first play date being in California and we are SO excited and the exterminator is coming so yay for the weekend! Have a happy weekend! -XO!

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