Monday, July 11, 2016

Adie's Flamingo Fourth Birthday Party

I could celebrate my little babes every single day! She is so full of sweetness, she is the most thoughtful girl ever, and the way she loves is my favorite. Now she is four and not every day is perfect but my life with her in it, is! We celebrated her fourth birthday in Utah at Papa & Grandma's house and flamingos are now my must go to for ANY party! She wanted a flamingo party months ago and I was so on board :) you can see her cute invitations I made here and our theme we went with here. We decided to celebrate in Utah since we love the 4th of July and planned spending it at Bear Lake and I wanted Adie to be with her friends/family since moving to California, we're still making friends!

Since we moved to California, we brought all of the party with us ... I shipped a few flamingos from Amazon and now I think we need a bunch of them everywhere. They are so fun, I had three lined up for ring toss which Adie totally practiced before everyone showed up. The colors scream summer and I am now totally a plastic cup enthusiast! I didn't want to pack our mason jars we usually use for parties so I grabbed plastic cups/lids and our favorite paper straws from Party City and now want to get rid of every cup we have and go plastic! They are so fun and worked perfect by the pool. We filled them with lemonade and had water and our favorite strawberry lemonade in the bucket found at Target for 6 bucks! I need to go back and grab a few more, total backyard afternoon game changer filled with water balloons! 

Ordered her cake right when we got to Utah, they no longer do small cakes so tiered was out and we went with it, ordered a few cupcakes to go with. Adie insisted on helping with the cupcakes and I couldn't say no, so she helped put the little flamingos and straws in a few cupcakes and you can totally see which ones :) One of my favorite things is the garland ... such an easy DIY and you can wrap them around a piece of cardboard to save for another party or just when you feel you need to celebrate. I bought a large hole punch a couple of years ago and it's that simple, punch and sew them together. The possibilities are endless and it adds party to any event. I bought a new Sunnylife radio which fit perfectly on the table and played some of Adie's favorite music ... #talorswiftjunkie 

Adie's cake was simple and adding four flamingos made it the funnest to blow the candles out. You can find anything on Amazon and with Amazon Prime ... the party will go on! If you plan a flamingo party order more flamingos just in case you want to add them here and there, we couldn't find any, even at Home Depot! I kept the balloons simple too, I bought a few colors in different sizes and bundled them together. The trick is GLUE DOTS! I used glue dots to create a bundle, added a few leaves and flamingos my sister cut with her awesome machine. I put a bundle at each table with a few drinks so you didn't have to do anything besides laugh and mingle. 

Everyone swam, ate cupcakes and got a few tan lines! I think pool parties are the best way to celebrate summer birthdays! Keeps the little people entertained so the parents can catch up. A flamingo pool party wouldn't be complete without a giant flamingo float! Adie was obsessed with jumping off the pool float and I could watch her do that all day! Everyone swam, played ring toss and sang Happy Birthday to the birthday girl. The cutest thing ever, the little people lined up waiting for cake which Adie wanted a piece of cake and a cupcake and I couldn't say no, she's the birthday girl! Frosting first. always!
 Opening up her presents is always the best part ;) she starts out not wanting to open any, then she wants me to open them and show her what she got and then gets stuck on one awesome gift and doesn't want to open the rest. Four year olds! Some of her favorites so far are the ukulele from her Uncle Troy and her scooter from Papa and Grandma Lynne and after we spent a couple hours putting together her Friends Lego Bus ... she has been playing with it all afternoon and even came to the dinner table. Birthdays are the best!

Adie babes we love your little guts and love celebrating YOU! You are the best thing we call ours and we love you like crazy! Happy 4th birthday (party!) -XO!

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