Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Two Days Late for Summer

Happy Summer (officially!!!) It is freaking hot in So'California and we are just barely staying cool enough with now two sick little people and not enough popsicles in the house! For all of you Mommies who don't listen to what anyone tells you, the crap you google because Grey's Anatomy didn't prepare you, and you're babes aren't getting better ... cheers! Aden is not teething after a phone call to the dentist and another visit to the doctors. He has gingivostomatitis (inflammation of the mouth) and its horrible! Adie now has a fever and threw up on Eric last night, and I praying they both will be one hundred percent before we head out of town next week.

I am dreaming of tan lines, splashing in the pool with my little people and making memories that will last forever. Adie and Aden already have the cutest little tan lines and I am super jealous. We have been going to the pool and its the best way to spend summer, our favorite popsicles and watermelon stained faces are my favorite.

We always have music playing, helps keep the summer memories alive long after the tan lines fade. We are huge fans of pool toys and I cannot wait for Adie's birthday party and her huge flamingo pool float and the watermelon needs to be our next pool buy! Since I don't tan like the rest of my three favorites, I am going to try tanning towels ... perfect for the sun-kissed look without the sunburn. :) My new summer must have are sunglasses and Karen Walker's style is my favorite. 

I cannot get over how cute the little campfire is from Land of Nod. I know Adie would just die and Aden would totally plow through everything or throw the flames off of the loft. Perfect right outside his little teepee for fun afternoon shenanigans. I have been trying to drink more water and boxed water is really better! Perfect for little hands by the pool. I cannot wait for number seven ... Disneyland!!! We are taking our little Adie for her birthday and I cannot get over how excited she will be! I cannot wait to see her face at the happiest place on earth and totally live through her excitement! Game nights are a favorite in our house and most likely to ... seems like a fun new game to host a fun party! And a new way to meet people in California! Nothing is driving me more nuts than dry skin, (the more water part) so I think I will have to have weekly face mask nights catching up on the Bachelorette. 
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We will be living by the pool, eating our weight in popsicles, and making the most of our summer. What are your favorite things to do in the summer? 

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