Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Turning Four With Flamingos

Happy Birthday month Adie boo boo! I am soaking up every last minute of her being three, attitude included. I asked Adie months ago what kind of party she wanted and she told me a flamingo party. I instantly was in party mode and cannot wait to celebrate her at the end of the month. We will be in Utah for her party which I am so excited about ... and at the pool. Flamingos and their beautiful shades of pink feathers, those long skinny, delicate legs and their ability to make a large crowd look fun! How can you not celebrate!? They seem to be loved by so many that they are EVERYWHERE! There is something so vibrant about flamingos, it's an instant mood-lifter and reminds us of warm summer days and we are obsessed. :) Let's celebrate!

I love the colors of flamingos (pink, of course) and with a little bit of blue and green it just screams summer. Adie's second birthday party is one of my favorites and you can see how we celebrated here, so I have been thinking similar but pink and flamingos! We bought the giant flamingo pool floats and we are dying to get it in the pool for her big day! I think I will just float on it all day and let everyone else party until we blow out the candles. I am so freaking excited for her birthday invitations and cannot wait to show you guys! On a side note I just scheduled a tour for a preschool and I just might cry myself to sleep because as much as I am ready for her to start this adventure, I am not! #ugh Any advice for a first time Mommy sending her baby to school, please share!?! I am a little excited to have that one on one time with my sweet little boy! 
I loved having candy kabobs and Adie couldn't get enough, so I think this year we will do them again! :) I found the yellow pineapple at Target and it's a candle, which is a double win! It smells amazing and will look super cute at the party. I love having pool parties, being able to splash and mingle is the best way to spend a summer afternoon! I have been thinking of doing bottles of pink lemonade instead of our usual mason jar drinks since we will be traveling and think they will be perfect lined up winking at all of us. Can't forget those lawn flamingos ... they will be everywhere!

Of course flamingos are so popular right now and that little swimsuit is perfect for the birthday girl. :) She already has tan lines and it is killing me with her little always picking her wedgie bum. We are always about music and dancing and what kind of party would it be without it?! Love the record player that plays your iTunes favorite play-list. I have a fun game planned for the kids to play and need ideas for a prize ... help?!?! something super cheesy because that would be the funnest! I asked Adie what we should give everyone as a thank you for coming and she told me a hug and I am totally okay with that. She's the sweetest when she wants to be and a typical girl when she wants to be. 

I already grabbed paper to start making garlands because after Aden's they need to be everywhere, I just need to be creative and figure out how to put them outside?! Working on finding palm leaves to paint that aren't a million dollars, unless I go to Michael's every day with my iPhone coupons. I am so excited and parties are my favorite way to celebrate my little people. Adie still wants a skateboard for her birthday, along with everything she sees at Target which we are both avoiding so we don't over shop! Hardest thing ever. 

Cheers to being (almost) four! -XO!

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