Thursday, June 16, 2016

Mommyhood : Teething

I don't even know where to start besides today sucked (it got better)! The last couple of days Aden's gums have been swollen and this morning I got so freaked out, I Googled. So now, this morning I am thinking Aden has gingivitis and we have a doctor's appointment at ten. So I wanted to share my teething experiences with both babies in hopes that it helps someone from Googling, swollen gums in one year old and paying a sixty dollar co-pay for teething! #sucks

Adie got her lateral incisors first and she rocked it. Her little gums would get all red, a little inflamed, and then a white sharp little tooth would break through. By her first birthday she had four teeth on top, four on the bottom and a couple molars which allowed her to eat every.thing! :) When her molars came in she got eruption cyst (bruised gums) and of course, Googled it and had no concerns afterward. She would develop a small fever and slept like crazy, played, laughed and ate. I used those little teething tablets, frozen teethers and let her sleep as long as she wanted to. Which meant sometimes I took a nap, wish that was still the case, ha! And before I knew it she had all of her teeth with very little effort. She's the best girl, ever!

Now, my little Aden who is still teething and my heart is breaking. He also got his lateral incisors (which I totally Googled) like his big sister. He right now has four teeth on the top and four on the bottom which he's had for a few weeks now. You would have never known he was getting teeth if he didn't get a little fever and sleep a lot. Still played and laughed at Adie and wouldn't stop eating. Fast forward to this morning, I have noticed his gums really red and inflamed. I noticed his gums (where his molars would come in) were definitely swollen and figured he was getting them in soon. But this morning his gums were so swollen I couldn't see most of his front teeth. Aden was feverish, and wasn't eating so I Googled. Google is fantastic and makes me a worrier and then I end up stressing for days! I thought he had gingivitis or something because we kiss him like crazy and I had a fever blister ... mom guilt big time. So I called his pediatrician and told them everything so they had me come in, and now I wish they just told me what to look for with freaking teething. So a Google search, a doctor's appointment with a 60 dollar co-pay, a box of our new favorite yogurt popsicles, and a tylenol induced nap later, he's teething. 

A few things we grabbed to help him eat, stay comfortable and give us a few giggles. Applesauce, jello strawberry flavored, apple juice, and yogurt popsicles. Infants tylenol (talk with your pediatrician first) and a five hour nap! 

Hope this helps any Mommy who has to Google swollen gums :) and any tips or tricks to help our little babes when they are teething, I am all about hearing them! Cheers to tylenol and popsicles!

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