Thursday, June 9, 2016


Today I took Aden to his one year Doctor's appointment and he hated it. Every. single. thing! Being weighed, measured and waiting for the Doctor, was torture for the both of us. He cried, got pissed and wiggled with that baby strength that comes from no where or when you're changing their diapers. He is so different from Adie's appointments, maybe because he's more of a Mama's boy and she is so independent. Today, he fought so hard not to get his shots, turned red and cried and it broke my heart. I feel like I need a vacation after their appointments, or a shopping day. 

Some things Aden does, reminds me of Adie and my heart hurts a little because she acts so grown up and I do not know where the last four years went. Then there are some things that he completely owns and we cannot get enough of! I love getting him in the morning or after his nap when he is so happy to see you he jumps up and down and smiles so big! He likes to run like hell when you change his diaper and we all yell 'NAKED BOY!" because he laughs. He is just like his sister (when she was a baby) when its time to eat, he literally doesn't stop eating. When he is done, he smashes whatever is left between his little fingers and smears it all over his highchair. Drops his sippy cup and says ... "uh-oh" with the cutest smile. 

 Aden came loving cars and dinosaurs and its the cutest. His face lights up when his little pull back corvette races across the floor and then he starts chasing after it. His crawl is more of a run, he slaps his hands on the ground and when you chase him he laughs. He still thinks he's the coolest when he gets Adie's chair, his high-fives are spot on, and you can always find his tickle spots. He's walking, a little wobbly but oh so cute when he holds his hands out at you. When you ask him where Mommy is he points to himself, so we're still working on it.

I never knew I could love a sweet super laid back little brown eyed boy so much. I cannot get enough of him, I could just hold him forever and kiss his squishy cheeks all day. I even love when he pushes every single button a thousand times, throws food on the floor and pulls the dirty clothes out of the laundry. Today I gave Aden his first juice box and I took so many pictures because he was the cutest thing, ever! I just freaking love his guts!!! Babies are stinking so smart, you show them once and they finish the entire box of juice! I can't believe he's one, and I have two babies and I get to raise my babies ... I am freaking so lucky even on days I want to run away from home. :)

Length: 31.5 inches
Weight: 23 pounds 12 ounces

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