Thursday, June 30, 2016

Happy Birthday Adie

Happiest Birthday Wishes to our little girl! Today she has given us a glimpse into what her teenage years might look like! We started today with cookies and jamba juice. Spent the entire day belly flopping off of the diving board, sliding down the slide a good three thousand times and fell asleep in the shade wrapped up in beach towels. With pool hair, sunkissed cheeks we went to dinner and ate our weight in rolls. I cannot believe its only been four years since our little sweet girl rocked our world, it feels like I've known her my whole life! I freaking love her guts and cannot wait for her flamingo pool party on Saturday!

A few things I love about Adie ...

Her love for Aden ... she always wants to shop for him (a girl after my own heart)!
She always says your welcome Mom when she's done something simple like, put chapstick on
She literally gives the best hugs
She loves super heros! GIRL POWER!
She thinks its completely hilarious to put ice cubes down your pants
How she looks like her Daddy but acts like her Mommy
She still gets excited over the simple things ... like new pencils.
She calls chocolate milk, dark milk and wants to make it herself.
I love that she is excited for school even if my heart might be braking a little
She always has the idea to share when you bring chocolate around her 
How she was trying to teach Aden go-fish
She's into picking her outfits out and they are my favorite
She dances whenever she hears music
I love that she makes the best spicy pasta and always wants Aden's help in the kitchen
She still looks like my little girl when she sleeps even if she acts like a teenager sometimes
Her laugh will always be my favorite
I love that she was the first one to call me Mommy!

I seriously could keep going but I'm sunburned, its late and we have a game of catan to play ... hoping Adie is asleep (she need orange juice like 10 minutes ago) :) I love her to pieces and cannot be more thrilled to be her Mommy! You are my favorite in the whole wide world baby girl!

Happy Birthday Adie babes! Mommy, Daddy and Aden love you! ... lots!!!

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